What happened – 8/4/13 meeting

1)  Endless Gaycation (http://www.endlessgaycation.com/) is Thursday, October 10th through Monday the 14th.  The schedule isn’t up yet, but we can submit shows, panels, workshops or event ideas by email: neworleansqueers@gmail.com.  I’m not sure what the deadline is for that.

2)  The anarchist book fair (http://www.nolaanarchistbookfair.org/) is the week after that (Monday and Tuesday, October 19th and 20th) at the Zeitgeist uptown.  We have the opportunity to share table space (or I’ll just eat the $30 and buy us some space) with someone and provide educational material and info on SWOP.  Some stuff/flyers we already have:

  • SWOP-NOLA flyers
  • Sex worker myth vs fact
  • I’m pretty sure I have a decriminalization vs legalization doc somewhere around here
  • Brief info sheets about SWOP itself and the sex workers’ rights movement in general
We’d also like to have merch (wear-able stuff like t-shirts, etc. and other misc stuff).  This can be procured with creativity and a few days at the New Orleans Community Print Shop.

We need your help coming up with logos and slogans.  L is good at slogans and S is a visual artist.  I suck at drawing but I like coming up with slogans, though it’s much easier to just criticize the ones I see on TV/print ads.

There are opportunities to do a presentation or workshop at this event as well.  I’m not sure what the deadline for that is.

3)  SWOP National (http://www.swopusa.org/) is going through some big changes as far as structure and money are concerned (and, by extension, how we as a chapter fit in to all this).  Basically, SWOP is now officially a 501(c)(3) nonprofit org, and they’re working on overhauling the loosely-organized system of communication between national and the local chapters, as well as between different local chapters, in order to come up with something more efficient.**  This also involves, from what I can tell, a more organized and equitable system of decision-making.  M will email us a copy of the constitutional draft that she and a couple other people are working on.

**As of now, you can join the swop-usa_nationalnetwork · SWOP BOD (National Board of Directors and Chapter Representatives) Yahoo Group.  (Fair warning:  you will get a ton of emails.)

4)  Clinic list:  We’re working on compiling a list of area clinics and healthcare providers according to their willingness to work with sex workers and provide care in a respectful manner.  I sent a long list to L, and I believe she may have added to it.  We need people to assess each clinic/office by calling and/or meeting in person with representatives from each and asking them the following questions:

Please feel free to comment below that list of questions with any others you think are relevant.

A few people expressed interest in helping with this (S, E, M, me, etc).  I think it would probably be best to have L be in charge of breaking this list up into chunks and distributing sections to those who are interested.

I can also open the website so that those working on this project can enter each clinic and their assessment of it as they go down the list.  This might be good to keep everything in one central place so we can watch the whole thing grow (and also so that we can monitor for problems that arise when many people are working on one task like doubling-up, etc.). Let me know.

5)  Skillshare:  We’d like to schedule a skillshare/info session for sometime soon.  Topics include:

  • advertising/marketing
  • connecting with clients via forums and screening sites
  • other screening methods

Both S and I believe we could be of help to others who are struggling with any of these.  Please let us know if you feel you have something to contribute.

We’d like to schedule it for the first week of September.  September 1st is actually the first Sunday of the month, so we’re getting together then anyway.  It could be a good thing to have it then because we’re already there, or it could be a not-so-good thing (a meeting plus a screening/marketing workshop might take up your entire Sunday).  Please let us know:

  1. if you’re interested
  2. which days/times in the first week of September work for you
  3. if it doesn’t work for you, what date would?
  4. any questions you have on the subject of screening and marketing that you’d like us to answer

I really need yall to answer me on this, because if it’s not gonna benefit anyone, I’m not gonna sit around working out what to talk about, etc.

6)  Next meeting is 6pm Thursday August the 22nd (third Thursday).


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  3. SWOP-NOLA Post author

    Prostitution: Facts and Fictions – Ronald Weitzer
    Although sometimes romanticized in popular culture, prostitution is more often portrayed as intrinsically oppressive and harmful. How accurate is this image?

    Well-researched (with cited sources!) article from someone in the sociology dept at George Washington University.

    pdf: http://www.gwu.edu/~soc/docs/Weitzer/Prostitution_Facts.pdf‎

    html from google: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:4CEkPDZCiS8J:www.gwu.edu/~soc/docs/Weitzer/Prostitution_Facts.pdf+&cd=6&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

  4. SWOP-NOLA Post author

    and The Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women is very pro-sex-workers’ rights, and their publication “What’s the Cost of a Rumor? A guide to sorting out the myths and the facts about sporting events and trafficking” has a ton of good info re: myths about sex work in general, if I remember correctly.

    (scroll down the page a bit)

    They also have a bunch of other publications, but that’s the only one I’ve read.


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