Wanted: Sex Workers in New Orleans

Well, your opinions, stories, experiences, and input, that is.

Susan Dewey, an anthropologist and assistant professor of Gender & Women’s Studies at the University of Wyoming will be in New Orleans from Sunday August 5th through Friday August 17th.  She supports sex workers’ rights and the decriminalization of sex work in the US.

She’s doing an ethnographic project on sex work in Denver that explores the relationships between sex workers’ everyday lives and the legislation that criminalizes the work we do, and she’s interested in expanding this project to New Orleans.

She’s not doing formal interviews just yet; at this point, she just wants to chat with local sex workers to get a feel for what it’s like to be a sex worker in New Orleans.  You can remain anonymous, and you’re not obligated to provide any information you’re not comfortable providing.

So, if you’re interested in chatting with her over coffee or lunch while she’s in town, email her at:

sdewey3 at uwyo dot edu

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