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Know Louisiana Law, Your Rights – General Law Info

General law info and tips for sex workers, etc. in Louisiana

  • Louisiana prostitution laws relevant to sex workers, including escorts, street-based sex workers (street walkers), FBSM (Full Body Sensual Massage) providers, fetish and fantasy pros, etc. (From the Louisiana State Legislature’s website)
  • Prostitution Charges in Louisiana Explained
  • Know the Laws: “What can I say in my online ad?” – Legal advice on the language and limits of what can be in your listing (from Hook Online)
  • Know the Laws: “What should I say if an officer arrests me?” – Advice on how to respond to a situation involving the police (from Hook Online)
  • Know Your Rights for Sex Workers – What not to do if arrested or detained by police
  • New Orleans Criminal Defense Lawyer Explains Miranda Rights
  • Arrested for a Misdemeanor: DOs and DON’Ts
  • A Louisiana Lawyer’s Advice to Accused Offenders
  • Divorce: Who Gets Custody? Who Pays Support? Authored By: Louisiana State Bar Association
  • How to Succeed in a Custody Evaluation
  • Contemplating Divorce? What to do First

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Sex Worker Violence Prevention — by North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition

Sex Worker Violence Prevention
by North Carolina Harm Reduction

North Carolinians, 11 current and former sex workers and/or advocates, share their experience with the common goal of raising awareness about and reducing violence perpetrated against sex workers. Sex workers often do not report crimes committed against them because they do not want to incriminate themselves; criminalization of sex work protects the perpetrators. What types of violence do sex workers experience? What can sex workers do to avoid violence? What else can be done to make sex work safer? The North Carolina Bad Date Line, created by the North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition (nchrc.org,) allows sex workers to anonymously report crime against them to help each other stay safer.

The producer, interviewer, photographer, videographer and editor is Hadley Gustafson; additional interviews were performed by Tessie Castillo and Robert Childs. 2012.

RESOURCES: For more sex worker violence prevention tips, see pdxswoc.net/pbdl.html. For the North Carolina Bad Date Line, call (336) 543-8050, email ncbaddateline@gmail.com, check the Twitter feed @ncbaddateline, or see the Facebook group,tinyurl.com/86s6hcl. For the National Blacklist’s Raleigh page, see nationalblacklist.com/raleigh.aspx.


Know Your Rights!

Hilarious video on dealing with law enforcement. The first few minutes are Chicago-specific, so skip to 3 minutes in where she talks about constitutional rights that apply to all of us.

kittenINFINITE explains what your rights are if you are a sex worker arrested on the job, and what you should and should not do when dealing with law enforcement. The SWOP-Chicago gang re-enact some commonly used police tactics in interrogation and how you should handle yourself in each situation.

via redlightdistrictchicago.com

Also, check out SWOP-Boston’s Know Your Rights page.

About Sex Trafficking

see also: Sex Trafficking and the Superbowl in New Orleans

SWOP-NOLA does not in any way support sex trafficking.

However, we also believe that there is danger in the conflation of sex trafficking and sex work. As Sex Workers Without Borders states

“We are not limited to a false construct that all in the sex industry are unwilling participants…Advocating human rights for all sex workers does not take away from efforts to bring freedom to those suffering forced participation.”

The notion that all sex workers are victims of sex trafficking is both inaccurate and unfair–to trafficking victims and voluntary sex workers alike.

More on Sex Trafficking

What is Sex Work? (For Friends, Family, and Allies of Sex Workers)

The first step to understanding and accepting a friend or loved one’s choice to be a sex worker is to learn about sex work and to listen with suspended judgment to sex workers themselves. The articles and videos below (many of which are from the perspectives of sex workers themselves) provide some background on sex work and the harm reduction model.

Sex workers are a diverse group. We vary in race, gender, age, nationality, socioeconomic status, and by the type of sex work that we do. But most of us agree that it is only by listening to sex workers that our friends, family members, lovers, and allies can begin to re-examine, question, and hopefully work through the prejudices, stereotypes, and cultural stigma surrounding the work we do.

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Articles about Sex Work: