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Current or former sex workers: Why did you start doing sex work?

From the meeting on 1/23/14:

Reasons why women (all sex workers, but as their name suggests, WWAV focuses on female-identified people) choose to do sex work. They want a variety of sex workers represented in this project, so they have requested help from us. What they need is brief explanations/quotes from us about why we chose to go into sex work.

If you are or ever have been a sex worker (anyone who works in the sex industry, regardless of the type of work you do or its criminal status), we want to hear from you!

You may submit anything from a short sentence to a story.

You may use the comments section of this page to submit your answer anonymously. Thanks!

International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers 2013 in NOLA

Did you see a crowd of red umbrellas on Bourbon St. this past Tuesday? Did someone give you one of these:



If so, then thanks so much for making our International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers 2013 a success!

A couple of our members made a huge banner that we can reuse for other events (one side says SWOP-NOLA, and the other says International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers):

SWOP-NOLA Banner on Bourbon St. Dec 17 2013

SWOP-NOLA Banner on Bourbon St. Dec 17 2013
We knew we were off to a good start when, before we even started making our way down Bourbon, some guy slowed his car, unrolled his windows, and cheered us on, yelling “STOP THE VIOLENCE!” and “YEAH, SEX WORKERS!” Thanks, guy in the white car!

We had a lot of fun and talked to a lot of people along Bourbon St. about SWOP-NOLA and December 17th, the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. Everyone was super cool and supportive.

I took a few pictures, but they’re not very good because I was busy and carrying a bunch of stuff. Other members took better pictures, as did people on the street. When we got to the Oz and the Pub, we met some miniature ponies (!!!!!!) and a photographer from Ambush Magazine.






Afterwards, we met up at the AllWays Lounge for refreshments, discussion of the significance of December 17th, and of course, good old social drinking.


If you didn’t see our writeup by Missy Wilkinson in the Gambit online, you can read it here.

If you were there and you took pictures, please email them to swop.nola@gmail.com, or send us a link to them. Thanks!

Our next BIG event will be for International Sex Workers’ Rights Day, which is held annually on March 3rd. This presents a bit of a problem for us, as Mardi Gras is on March 4th this year. But it’s nothing a little brainstorming and rescheduling won’t solve. Stay tuned for more info!

Thanks again to EROS.com, XR Brand Passion Lubes, awesome individuals who made generous donations, AllWays Lounge & Theater, and everyone who came out!

International Sex Workers’ Rights Day in New Orleans: 2pm Sunday, March 3rd at Washington Square Park!

This Sunday, March 3rd

SWOP-NOLA invites YOU to celebrate

2013 International Sex Workers’ Rights Day in New Orleans!!

Bring your friends! Bring your dogs! Bring your kids!

2pm on Sunday, March 3rd at Washington Square park in the Marigny

For International Sex Workers’ Rights Day 2013, SWOP-NOLA invites local and visiting sex workers (anyone working in the adult industry), allies, and friends to meet for an informal potluck/picnic/get-together in Washington Square Park (weather permitting).

If the weather’s no good, we’ll get coffee and/or daydrink instead.

This is intended to be a no-pressure, laid-back event where we can meet new people and chat about anything and everything
(or nothing) that affects the sex worker community on New Orleans. Feel free to bring your questions, ideas, and suggestions re: SWOP-NOLA’s purpose and goals.

I will be bringing Easter candy, because Cadbury Creme Eggs rock, and I can only get them this time of year. Also, they are both wholesome and kinda suggestive, which both amuses me and makes me a little uncomfortable.

You can bring whatever you want. It would be cool if people brought food (or hell, more candy), but don’t feel like it’s a requirement–I usually opt out of potlucks because I wait till the last minute and then I don’t have time to make/get anything and I feel guilty. Don’t let the guilt of arriving emptyhanded stop you from attending, or you’ll miss out on free candy, great company, free candy, and people who will gladly answer any questions you have about the sex workers’ rights movement. And free candy.

If you play an instrument, do spoken word, or you really rock at mime-ing, or you’ve turned crochet into a performance art, feel free to do your thing and be entertaining. We welcome whatever you want to contribute, as long as it at isn’t going to be especially disturbing to the other people in the park (i.e., no live porn, sorry).

Come for the free candy; stay for the list of reasons why decriminalization is the best approach to sex work policy.

See you there!

click here for the 2013 International Sex Workers’ Rights Day in New Orleans! event page on Facebook

Visit sexworkerfest.com/trouble for Sex Worker Pride Music Video

Read About the History of March 3, International Sex Worker Rights Day!

Help Find Jessica Pratt – Dancer in town for Mardi Gras

From the Missing Help Find Jessica Pratt Facebook Page:

She met a couple friends in New Orleans to vacation/work. The friends changed their flights to come home the 7th instead but Jess decided to stay till her original departure date (10th). Wednesday 2/6/13 the friends supposedly had an argument and when Jessica allegedly kicked them out of the room (late wed/early thurs)they went to the airport to wait for their flight. But she checked into the Le Petit Motel on Tulane Ave thurs/fri. The desk clerk remembers talking to her sat to confirm she was staying again. He says he also saw her walk across the street to the bar shortly after noon sat. Jessica never returned for her things. Her family here in Des Moines haven’t talked to her since Tuesday 2/5/13.

FW: Urgent request for short quotes and anecdotes from people who experience stigma and discrimination in their lives.

FW: Urgent request for short quotes and anecdotes from people who experience stigma and discrimination in their lives.

Dear colleagues,

UNAIDS is compiling quotes and short anecdotes from people who experience stigma and discrimination in their lives just because of who they are.  These first-person narratives will be featured in an upcoming UNAIDS report ahead of World AIDS Day 2012 (SaturdayDecember 1, 2012).The theme is, ‘What’s it like to be me?’

We want to cover what’s it like to be…a sex worker, a person who injects drugs, a transgender person, a gay man or woman, a person living with HIV, a person with a disability, a migrant worker…in your country.
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Info Flyer for Tabling: Escorts, Service Providers, Strippers

SWOP-NOLA info flyer for tabling –
Calling all local sex workers:

Escorts, Service Providers, Strippers / Exotic Dancers, Camgirls, Professional Companions, Roleplay / Fantasy / Fetish Professionals, FBSM / Erotic / Sensual Massage Practitioners, Adult Entertainers, and Friends in New Orleans

I made this flyer with the intent to put them out at an event last night, and then it was too late to make copies. But! If you’d like to distribute it, go ahead and print it out yourself. I was going to xerox it in black and white, but I guess if you want to pay for color copies, that’s on you.

Two flyers per page, obviously. That’s because I’m cheap, and a smaller flyer is easier to fold up and jam in your pocket. No one likes a big flyer, seriously. That shit is just unwieldy.

UPDATE: New version from 3/2015 (added facebook, twitter, email, removed outdated meeting schedule):

SWOP-NOLA Info Flyer for tabling, etc. 2015

Updated March 2015 – png version

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