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Client Screening Tips and Helpful Links from a New Orleans Provider

One of our members created a guide to her screening process and shared it with us.

If you have any screening tips you’d like to share, feel free to email them to us, or just post them in the comments section below!

Client Screening Tips for Escorts

if you keep up that mindset, you can rule the fucking world 🙂

Update: Tips from another New Orleans Provider:

Explanation of a New Orleans Escort’s Screening Methods: All you ever wanted to know about why and how I screen my clients.

International Sex Workers’ Rights Day in New Orleans: 2pm Sunday, March 3rd at Washington Square Park!

This Sunday, March 3rd

SWOP-NOLA invites YOU to celebrate

2013 International Sex Workers’ Rights Day in New Orleans!!

Bring your friends! Bring your dogs! Bring your kids!

2pm on Sunday, March 3rd at Washington Square park in the Marigny

For International Sex Workers’ Rights Day 2013, SWOP-NOLA invites local and visiting sex workers (anyone working in the adult industry), allies, and friends to meet for an informal potluck/picnic/get-together in Washington Square Park (weather permitting).

If the weather’s no good, we’ll get coffee and/or daydrink instead.

This is intended to be a no-pressure, laid-back event where we can meet new people and chat about anything and everything
(or nothing) that affects the sex worker community on New Orleans. Feel free to bring your questions, ideas, and suggestions re: SWOP-NOLA’s purpose and goals.

I will be bringing Easter candy, because Cadbury Creme Eggs rock, and I can only get them this time of year. Also, they are both wholesome and kinda suggestive, which both amuses me and makes me a little uncomfortable.

You can bring whatever you want. It would be cool if people brought food (or hell, more candy), but don’t feel like it’s a requirement–I usually opt out of potlucks because I wait till the last minute and then I don’t have time to make/get anything and I feel guilty. Don’t let the guilt of arriving emptyhanded stop you from attending, or you’ll miss out on free candy, great company, free candy, and people who will gladly answer any questions you have about the sex workers’ rights movement. And free candy.

If you play an instrument, do spoken word, or you really rock at mime-ing, or you’ve turned crochet into a performance art, feel free to do your thing and be entertaining. We welcome whatever you want to contribute, as long as it at isn’t going to be especially disturbing to the other people in the park (i.e., no live porn, sorry).

Come for the free candy; stay for the list of reasons why decriminalization is the best approach to sex work policy.

See you there!

click here for the 2013 International Sex Workers’ Rights Day in New Orleans! event page on Facebook

Visit sexworkerfest.com/trouble for Sex Worker Pride Music Video

Read About the History of March 3, International Sex Worker Rights Day!

Paid Study for Trans Folks in the Sex Trade ($50 phone interview)

Confidential paid study–Forwarded via the SWOP-USA national network:




WHO: Transgender, transsexual and gender non-conforming sex workers and those with experience in the sex trade


WHAT:  One-hour interview by phone or in person about your experiences with the health care system for a study about the healthcare needs of trans* sex workers, as well as a brief 15 minute survey regarding demographics, health status, and experiences in health settings to help guide the interview.




CONTACT: Ursa Oristaglio


(617) 851-7125


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FW: Urgent request for short quotes and anecdotes from people who experience stigma and discrimination in their lives.

FW: Urgent request for short quotes and anecdotes from people who experience stigma and discrimination in their lives.

Dear colleagues,

UNAIDS is compiling quotes and short anecdotes from people who experience stigma and discrimination in their lives just because of who they are.  These first-person narratives will be featured in an upcoming UNAIDS report ahead of World AIDS Day 2012 (SaturdayDecember 1, 2012).The theme is, ‘What’s it like to be me?’

We want to cover what’s it like to be…a sex worker, a person who injects drugs, a transgender person, a gay man or woman, a person living with HIV, a person with a disability, a migrant worker…in your country.
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