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Update: Screening Tips from a New Orleans Provider, New Resource, Meeting, Louisiana Queer Conference

In this update:

Screening Tips from a New Orleans Provider

SafeOffice.com: Blacklist, Hotel Reviews, Provider Resources

SWOP-NOLA Google Group

Meeting this Week

Desiree Alliance Proposal Deadline Extended

Louisiana Queer Conference

New Orleans Abortion Fund Game-a-Thon

Southern Harm Reduction Conference in New Orleans

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Client Screening Tips and Helpful Links from a New Orleans Provider

One of our members created a guide to her screening process and shared it with us.

If you have any screening tips you’d like to share, feel free to email them to us, or just post them in the comments section below!

Client Screening Tips for Escorts

if you keep up that mindset, you can rule the fucking world 🙂

Update: Tips from another New Orleans Provider:

Explanation of a New Orleans Escort’s Screening Methods: All you ever wanted to know about why and how I screen my clients.

Safety Tips for Internet Escorts via SWOP-MI

Safety Guidelines for Internet Escorts, via SWOP – Michigan

1. Require Basic Personal Information

These are basic description questions that you can use to identify a person that threatens, assaults, or robs you. This information is useful when reporting both to LE as well as to other escorts and blacklist internet boards.
First and Last Name:
Email Address:
Contact Number:
City/State of Residence:
Height / Weight:

2. Require Verification

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9/21/12: Link Exchanges, Law Questions, Sexy Events, HIV Research, Robyn Few

Hello all! Hope you’re having a great September.  Mine’s not so bad, now that I’m aaaaaaaalmost caught up on everything I got behind on during Isaac and the ensuing power outage.  Here are some updates:

In this SWOP-NOLA Update:

Link Exchanges
Share Your Opinions, Questions
Cool, Sexy Stuff is Happening
Southern Harm Reduction Conference
Research Into HIV Prevention
Robyn Few

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Screening Clients : Use P411 (Preferred 411) to its Full Potential

Many providers in New Orleans use Preferred411.com in their client screening process (if you haven’t joined P411 yet, here’s an explanation of how to do so.), but do you know what the numbers in the Client ID really mean? Or do you simply rely on the system of “Okays” a client has received from other escorts and/or FBSM providers?

Here’s a post from Preferred411 admin Gina regarding the recommended use of the P411 system. I’m posting it here for the benefit of those of you who may not be P411 members (and for members who may have missed it):
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Share Your Knowledge: Safety Resources and Information

Share Safety Info and Resources

“If I knew then what I know now…”

In addition to the safety info available on the site, we’d love to hear anything you have to add! Help your fellow sex workers by posting your hard-earned knowledge here.

Feel free to share:

  • Safety Tips
  • Screening Tips
  • Warnings
  • Personal experience
  • What to do in the worst-case scenario
  • Anything else you can think of that might keep someone safe!

Click “leave a reply” to share any helpful info in the comment section below. You can remain anonymous (you don’t have to leave your name / email, but you’re welcome to!)