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SWOP-NOLA Flyer – We’re In Good Company – Bellocq Storyville Prostitute

SWOP-NOLA Flyer – We’re In Good Company

Image is a Bellocq photo of a Storyville prostitute, circa 1912. Text: We’re in Good Company. WWW.SWOP-NOLA.ORG Sex Workers Outreach Project – New Orleans.

Print it out, post it on stuff, hand it out to random people. Or, post it as an image link on your site (how to). Use this image all you want, but please link back to www.swop-nola.org

UPDATE: Double-sided version

We now have a bunch of these with the “What is a Sex Worker” flyer on the back.

Storyville Prostitute Photo by E. J. Bellocq - Sex Workers Outreach Project NOLA

Storyville Prostitute – circa 1912

Info Flyer for Tabling: Escorts, Service Providers, Strippers

SWOP-NOLA info flyer for tabling –
Calling all local sex workers:

Escorts, Service Providers, Strippers / Exotic Dancers, Camgirls, Professional Companions, Roleplay / Fantasy / Fetish Professionals, FBSM / Erotic / Sensual Massage Practitioners, Adult Entertainers, and Friends in New Orleans

I made this flyer with the intent to put them out at an event last night, and then it was too late to make copies. But! If you’d like to distribute it, go ahead and print it out yourself. I was going to xerox it in black and white, but I guess if you want to pay for color copies, that’s on you.

Two flyers per page, obviously. That’s because I’m cheap, and a smaller flyer is easier to fold up and jam in your pocket. No one likes a big flyer, seriously. That shit is just unwieldy.

UPDATE: New version from 3/2015 (added facebook, twitter, email, removed outdated meeting schedule):

SWOP-NOLA Info Flyer for tabling, etc. 2015

Updated March 2015 – png version

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New Flyer!! What is a Sex Worker?

Sent off the printing order for the “What is a Sex Worker?” flyers. I probably should have made a “clean” version with all the naughty words semi-censored, but oh well. Maybe next time (or maybe someone else wants to stare at Photoshop for hours on end to make one?). If you’d like to help distribute them (posting on bulletin boards at local businesses, a little guerilla marketing with staple guns and telephone poles…), let me know!

This is what the flyer will look like. If you’d like to print out a few of your own, feel free! Or, you can link to them on your site.

What is a sex worker?

SWOP-NOLA flyer - What is a sex worker?  Sex Workers Outreach Project - New Orleans

SWOP-NOLA flyer – What is a sex worker? Sex Workers Outreach Project – New Orleans