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Meeting notes 11/21/13

We talked about:

  1. Plans for December 17th – International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers (2013)

  2. Clinic list

  3. Project with WWAV

  4. New Flyers in!

  5. More inclusive image of SWOP-NOLA

  6. New Meeting Space?

  7. Next Meeting is Sunday, December 1st (First Sunday) at 5pm!!

  1. Plans for December 17th – International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers (2013)

  2. Good News: $800 of December 17th Funding from Eros.com

    Eros.com gave us $800 for the Dec 17th – International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers event.

    We have a venue–The second part of the event will be held at The AllWays Lounge from 6-8

    Other things we need to figure out:

    • Exact times (start of 2nd line, what time to tell people to arrive at AllWays)
    • Buy supplies, refreshments
    • Make event flyers to post
    • Post event flyers
    • Make facebook event, post everywhere
    • Make dec 17th info flyers (what is dec 17th, why is it important?)
    • Who wants to help me stuff things into bags?

  3. Clinic list:

    • So, unfortunately, the wrong email address was printed on the flyers. I have no idea how that happened (just kidding–I did it). Anyway, I have to go back and change all of that on the ones that (thank God) haven’t been sent out yet.
    • I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, but here’s another way for clinics/healthcare resources to respond to the survey:

      Surveymonkey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/NZP7CLH
    • If I owe you $$ for postage, please either come to the next meeting, or contact me and let’s set up a time for me to bring it by.

  4. Project with WWAV

  5. Women With A vision is working on print materials to introduce a different image of sex work in the community. The goal is to educate the public re

    • Trafficking vs. Sex Work (i.e., they are not one in the same)
    • The harmfulness of the stigma surrounding sex work and those who participate in it
    • the reasons why women (all sex workers, but as their name suggests, WWAV focuses on female-identified people) choose to do sex work.

    They want a variety of sex workers represented in this project, so they have requested help from us. What they need is brief explanations/quotes from us about why we chose to go into sex work.

    Send whatever quotes/stories/explanations/contributions to the project you have to swop.nola@gmail.com, and they’ll be passed along to the Director of WWAV.

    We also briefly discussed doing something similar (explaining why you got into sex work), but in video format. There are lots of ways to maintain anonymity while making a video. We could get creative. If you’re interested in this, either contact us, or go ahead and make a video on your phone and send it in to us!

  6. New Flyers in!

  7. We have new flyers. 1000 of them. If you want to spread them around town, feel free to volunteer!

  8. More inclusive image of SWOP-NOLA

  9. So, we still need to come up with a more inclusive image for SWOP-NOLA, including a kind of sub-group that’s more focused on social stuff and support and camaraderie. We don’t want to give the impression that we’re limited to full-service providers, because we’re not (obviously). Anyone working in the local adult entertainment industry is welcome.

    I know some of the members who are dancers said they wanted to work on this. Ideas?

    I haven’t thought of much. I did do some googling for legendary NOLA adult-entertainment workers to inspire me, and found images of:

    Evangeline the Oyster Girl:

    Evangeline the Oyster Girl, also known as Kitty West, was a burlesque dancer and stripper at the Casino Royale Club on Bourbon st. in the 1940s.

    Blaze Starr:

    Blaze Starr, a stripper who worked at Sho-Bar on Bourbon, is perhaps best known for her affair with the then-Louisiana Governor, Earl K. Long. OK, I’m sorry, I can’t concentrate on writing this any longer because look at this freaking picture, y’all. And this one.

    Jean Idelle:

    She’s not from New Orleans, but I like Jean Idelle nonetheless, especially since she’s still around, occasionally doing her thing.

    Bustout Burlesque has a cool page of Burlesque History in New Orleans

    I like this Naughty New Orleans poster a lot.

    Oh hey, there are more!

  10. New Meeting Space?

  11. Suggestions:

    Propeller – Incubator: This seems like a pretty awesome deal. $10 a day, free coffee/tea, and access to the conference rooms? Nice. They’re located at 4035 Washington Ave.

    Then I have the New Orleans Community Printshop and NOLA-DIY written down at the bottom of my notes, but I don’t remember why.

  12. Next Meeting is Sunday, December 1st (First Sunday) at 5pm!!

Next Meeting is Sunday, December 1st (First Sunday) at 5pm!!

Meeting 11/5/13 – What Happened. And did I mention there’s a Google Group?

There were between 10-15 of us today.  A lot of new people showed up!  I want to thank everyone sooooooooooo much for coming!!

So, here’s what we talked about:

1.  Address
2.  Phone #
3.  Meetings
4.  Flyers and Promo
5.  Alternative Image, promo, etc. to appeal to others in the local adult industry
6.  TDoR – Nov 20
7.  IDEVASW – Dec 17
8.  This Week
9.  Google Group

10.  Other

  1. Address:

    We have an address:

    5000 St. Claude Ave Suite 127
    New Orleans, LA  70117-4224

    We can receive packages there.  If you happen to contact someone who needs to send us something (free stuff?!?!), that’s the address you should use.  That’s also the return address for everything dealing with the Clinic List project.

  2. Phone number:

    We now have a phone number:  504-345-9895
    It’s through Google Voice.  Someone said they knew all about Google Voice.  That person should contact me ASAP!  I want to set it up to go directly to voicemail most of the time.

  3. Meetings:

    We’ve lost what was to be our regular, private meeting space (they’re shutting down).  Today was awesome, but it was also kind of a clusterfuck.  We finally have so many people attending that we can have like 5 conversations at once!  That’s cool, because forever it was maybe 5-7 of us max each meeting.  But now we need to go about this in a somewhat more orderly fashion. Sooooooo….

    • We need a better, quieter, more private place to meet.  I’d like to talk to the people at The Healing Center.  They have tons of rooms in that place.  Someone said they could help with arranging that.  That person should get in touch with me ASAP 🙂
    • Did anyone else suggest other (more private, quieter) places to meet?  I forget.  Allow me to direct you to the Google Group if so.
    • I usually prepare a basic agenda before each meeting (this is nothing fancy–just a list of stuff we’ve been working on lately, progress notes, new developments, random ideas, etc.).  I’d love if yall would suggest topics that you’d like to address each meeting.  You can either do this beforehand (through email, or by commenting on the news post), or at the beginning of the meeting.  This way, we make time for everyone’s concerns/interests to be addressed, and those of us who are loud and talkative (myself included) don’t drown out the people who are quieter or less bold.
    • After we get the Serious Business out the way, we can sit around and talk and drink and hang out and be social for however long we want.  But some people are on a tighter schedule, so they need to talk about the important stuff and then run.
  4. SWOP-NOLA Flyers and Promo:

    • Old Flyers:  A bunch of you took old flyers.  Now go forth and put them places where they will be seen by the people who need to see them!!  Seriously, they cost me $$, so put them somewhere other than under my bed (which is where they’ve been for like a year, heh).  If you didn’t take any, and you’d like to do some flyering, you can always go ahead and print some out.  We have some small (read: 2 copies per page) flyers in .pdf, .png, and .jpg. here:  SWOP-NOLA Info Flyer for Tabling: Escorts, Service Providers, Strippers
    • New Flyers:  New color flyers (two sided with this image and this one) will be shipped in 2 weeks.  If you are interested in flyering around town, please contact me, and I’ll call/email you when the box shows up on my doorstep.  Sorry for the delay, there was a problem with the last company I tried, so I finally just said F-you, canceled the order, and went with Vistaprint.
    • If you have a website and you’d like to promote SWOP-NOLA, please do!  You can simply make a text link to swop-nola.org, or you can post a banner link – just copy and past the code for one of the banners on this page: How You Can Help

  5. New / Alternative Image, flyers, and promo to widen appeal:

    • We’ve addressed the idea that SWOP-NOLA’s image might be a bit alienating for some potential members a few times before, most recently in the last meeting (under 1. What do YOU need from SWOP?).  Basically, we want people to know that while we are an activist group, we are here to provide support, info, resources, etc. for all local adult industry workers, because there’s strength in numbers.  There are several chapters of SWOP that have done this (created a more local-centric group with a broader scope), such as SCAPA (Sin City Alternative Professionals Association), which is also SWOP-Las Vegas, Red Light Chicago (SWOP-Chicago), SWAN-Colorado (Sex Worker Alliance and Networking), which is also a SWOP chapter, and Sex Worker Action of NY (also SWOP-NY).  We’ve been talking about this off and on for at least a year, but I suck at coming up with names.  HALP.
    • Someone volunteered to come up with some alternative promo images that might appeal to dancers and other people working in the adult entertainment industry.  Up to this point, we’ve mostly been targeting full-service sex workers, since that’s what many of us do, so the term “provider” worked just fine, and we’ve been trying to make the term “sex worker” catch on (slowly but surely, yall).  To the person who volunteered for that – I look forward to seeing your ideas in the Google Group!
  6. Transgender Day of Remembrance

    !!!!  I just realized that November 20th is Transgender Day of Remembrance.  We gotta do something.  I guess we should contact other local orgs and see what they have planned.  WWAV, BreakOUT!…there are a ton.

  7. December 17th:

    Here’s what we have so far:  SWOP-NOLA December 17th plan.  Someone volunteered to put together the “What is December 17th”-type flyer that we’ll be handing out.  Lots of you had ideas about a private-ish space we could use for the 2nd half of the event.  Let’s discuss that…in the Google Group!  Also, any leads on cheap red parasols?  To the Google Group you go!

  8. Stuff I’m going to:

    • Tomorrow at 6pm (Wednesday 11/6), I plan to go to Gender and Incarceration Panel Discussion moderated by Melissa Harris-Perry.  If you’d like to come with, let me know.  I have a car and can drive fairly OK.
    • I’m meeting with the woman who does SlutWalk NOLA (and here’s the FB group) this Thursday sometime after 6pm.  I want to talk to her about promo stuff and fundraising, and also I just want to meet up with her because I admire what she’s doing.  If anyone would like to join, let me know.  As with anything I announce here, if transportation is an issue, I will come get you (provided you don’t live one of the places I’m scared to drive, like the West Bank or the Northshore), provided you give me some notice.
    • This coming Sunday the 9th, I’m meeting with the director of the New Orleans Human Trafficking Working Group at 6pm.  She is interested in having a sex worker-informed approach to addressing trafficking and wants “to ensure that any work that the New Orleans Human Trafficking Working Group undertakes 1) does not create “collateral damange” among the sex worker community, and 2) is informed by the experiences of people who are on the ground and see exploitation or the inroads to exploitation at the very least.”  I can get on board with that.  Wanna come along?
  9. Google Group:

    • If you are attending meetings, PLEASE make sure you are on the Google Group.   If you came to the meeting and you have not received an invite to the group, contact me ASAP.  I seriously cannot be the liason between everyone anymore; there are too many people and too many projects and honestly, I have trouble juggling my own shit (do the laundry!  pay the bills!  remember to eat!!).  Y’all can communicate with each other through there, let us know where you’re at re: progress, ask for help, etc., and the rest of us can see what’s going on. You can request membership by going directly to the forum/group. Again:

      • It’s private (as opposed to the mass emails that I send out).
      • More detailed versions of email announcements/meeting notes are posted there.
      • We can all communicate with each other through there.  If you’re interested in working on certain projects, that is where you should be talking about them.  For instance, if you’re interested in working on the Clinic List project, you can contact the person in charge of that through the Google Group.  Additionally, anyone who sees you talking about it there can volunteer advice and suggestions.  Another example:  Suzie works at a club on Bourbon.  Bobby has a ton of flyers.  Suzie decides she wants to leave a stack of flyers in the dressing room at the club where she works.  Who should she contact?  You get it.
  10. Other things we talked about briefly:

    • Outreach to guys and LBGT (Corner Pocket, etc.) re: safe sex.  Apparently some of these guys are super young and could use a little refresher re: how to be safe.  Someone volunteered to talk to her friends and start on this.
    • Addiction outreach: great idea, probably gonna save this for a later date, or at least until we get the above project started.  But this is a great resource:  Trystereo Syringe Distro.
    • Re: Girls with pimps/managers – Some were voicing concern over that sort of situation.

      In general, I feel like I don’t have the authority to tell someone how to work, because that’s a complicated issue.  So, I like to think about what it is specifically that’s problematic with that situation.  Is there domestic violence?  Well, there are resources available for that.  Are there domestic violence resources in place (locally) that are sex-worker friendly?  Do we know where to direct people if they need that?  Or is it the “Why does he get her money when she does all the work?” factor?  If so, then maybe she should be the one to answer that (or not, if she doesn’t wanna)–and there are tons of reasons why someone might choose to work like that.  I read this the other day:  Who’s Your Man?  It’s a speech from a December 17th event last year.  It’s worth a read.  We should talk more about this next time.

If there is ANYTHING we talked about in the meeting that I haven’t covered here, or if there’s something I said I would do and it’s not obvious that I’ve done it yet, contact me.  Never think to yourself, “oh, I don’t want to bother her…”  Bother me.  I promise you, if I don’t mention it, it means I’ve forgotten already.  Remind me!

For everyone:  Don’t think your ideas need to be badass before you propose a project or ask for feedback.  Something is better than nothing.  Don’t leave me to my own devices, or I will come up with shit that amuses me, but is probably inappropriate, like this: SWOP-NOLA: Please Come Again! (heh…come…).

Today’s regularly scheduled meeting postponed; we’ll meet Tuesday 11/5 at 7pm instead!

Today is the first Sunday of the month, which means we have a meeting scheduled for 5pm. That meeting is canceled! There’s just too much going on with VooDoo and the game, and traffic is a mess.

We will instead meet on Tuesday (11/5) at 7pm. Location TBA.

As usual, go ahead and contact us if there’s anything in particular you’d like us to do/plan for/arrange beforehand.


10/24/13 Meeting – What Happened

Our first meeting at the new space! Here’s what happened:

  1. What do YOU need from SWOP?

  2. We had a general discussion about why each of us is here, and what we’re looking for in meetings, etc.

    Some of us are here for support from our community, camaraderie, sharing of skills, and information exchange re: safety, bad clients, business, etc. Some of us are here because we want to do outreach (to people outside our community) in order to change public perception of sex workers. Many of us want to do both. And all of us want to be able to choose to participate in the things we find most important, and pass on the things that aren’t a priority for us right now.

    We want to clarify that, although some of us are “out” to our friends, family, etc., we don’t want anyone to feel pressured to be “out” or to engage with the public if they’re not comfortable doing that. And we all need to remember that, if a given member does decide to participate in a public-outreach-type even, he/she doesn’t necessarily need to openly identify as a sex worker. Lots of non-sex workers support our cause.

    One thing that may be discouraging people from participating is the image we project. The term “sex worker” is a turn-off (lol…see what I did there?) for some people, especially in this area, where it isn’t as commonly used as it is in other major cities. So, we want to start distributing additional promo materials that project a more palatable (for providers/dancers/etc. in the region) image. This might require us to design promo materials that use more discreet terms (“sex worker” is a term I absolutely love and find really empowering, but I admit that it doesn’t leave much to the imagination) and highlight our role as a community-building, support-providing, knowledge-sharing group for local providers and entertainers.

  3. Finalizing our plans for December 17th (International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers)

  4. Yay! We came up with a plan.

    On Tuesday, December 17th, we’ll have a second line down Bourbon St.. We’ll be wearing animal print and carrying red parasols (a nod to the red umbrella) and we’ll hand out info about December 17th, raising awareness about crimes committed against sex workers both locally and worldwide. We’ll also be handing out safe sex kits to promote SWOP-NOLA (scroll down for more about that). There will be jello shots.

    We’ll eventually arrive at our final location, where we’ll have a private event (for our community and allies only, not randoms off the street). There, we’ll honor those we’ve lost to violence and show appropriate respect for those whose tragedies are overlooked by systems that largely ignore (and even condone) violence against people working in the sex industry. Those attending are invited to share in whatever way they feel appropriate (readings/music/speaking/performance/etc.). Those in our community, friends, family, and allies are invited to join for one or both portions of the event. More details soon!

    A more detailed plan has been handed in to Slixa, so now we’re just waiting to see if we will be approved for funding. We may have other opportunities for funding as well (possibly through SWOP-national, etc.). We’re looking into it.

    We should also contact other local organizations to see what they’re doing.

    More details to come when we have exact times and locations finalized.

    Tips on where to get a bunch of cheap red parasols? Anyone?

  5. Promo stuff

  6. A bunch of SWOP-NOLA flyers have been ordered, but we need another set (something more…uh…discreet) for other purposes, and we need your input on that before the order is placed. We talked about this in the meeting, and a couple of people volunteered to help with this. Let’s get this done.

    Who wants to go around posting these things? Anyone work in clubs? If so, would it be cool to leave a stack in the dressing room?

    And then we have the free stuff:

    SWOP-NOLA safe sex kits (see example here) for promo include:

    • condom
    • glove
    • How-to re: using condoms correctly, with penises and toys, and how to make a dental dam from one
    • SWOP-NOLA flyer
    • Lube: XR Brands, who makes Passion Lubes, has (tentatively) offered to donate individual-use packets of Passion Lube
    • Female condom? We’ve been informed that there’s an organization in town that might have a bunch of these to donate.

  7. Fundraising

  8. Some of us enjoy being on camera; some don’t. Internet-based fundraising would be a great route because it’s pretty easy to post a link on Facebook, Twitter, etc., and if our pitch is interesting and we make it seem worthy, then people will pass it along. We haven’t nailed down any specific plans re: what, when, where, etc. on this yet.

  9. Clinic list

    • We need to mail out info flyers to each clinic. We are not eligible for nonprofit (reduced price) rates 🙁
    • If we’re going to mail stuff, we need a return address. I got us a PO box, but when I went to get the keys, they were all, “we need all this paperwork,” and I was all, “uuggghhhh…can I just get it in my name, then?” and they were all, “yeah, but unless it’s addressed to you with your name, we can’t put it in your box,” and I was all “UUUUGGGHHHHHHHHHH….” and then I left. So basically, that’s a no-go, unless I can register us with the state, etc. etc. I think I’m just going to cough up for an expensive mailbox at a privately-owned mailbox place where they don’t make you do all this legal stuff.
    • A couple of y’all volunteered to come over and help me address and stamp these things, and I’m holding you to it.
    • Once we’ve done that, we can start calling again.

And that’s what we talked about. The new space is AAAAMMMAAAAAZZZIIINNNGGGG, btw. We got a lot done in a very short amount of time, and I think the privacy had a lot to do with it.

Next meeting is Sunday, November 3rd at 5pm.

SWOP-NOLA Meeting Tomorrow (Thursday 10/24/13) at 6pm

We will be meeting at a new (private!) location tomorrow (Thursday, October 24th) at 6pm. If you did not receive the email with location info, contact us at swop.nola@gmail.com.

Here’s what we’ve been working on lately:

10/6/13 Meeting
9/19/13 Meeting

Some things on the agenda for tomorrow:

  • What do YOU need from SWOP? What is YOUR reason for participating in the group (however limited your participation may be–yes, simply reading emails counts)? Support from other local adult-industry workers? Camaraderie? Info exchange re: safety? Money making tips? Activism/the cause? If you’re a member of the “provider”/”adult entertainment” community, we’re here for you, so let us know what you want.

  • Finalizing our plans for December 17th (International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers) so that we can apply for funding from Slixa. Do we want a private social function, or a more visible awareness-and-education type thing? Should we do both, so that no one feels pressured to “out” themselves? I’d like to submit plans by tomorrow night to assure we have some $$, so please, come and tell us what you think!

  • Promo stuff – A bunch of SWOP-NOLA flyers have been ordered, but we need another set (something more…uh…discreet) for other purposes, and we need your input on that before the order is placed.

    And even better than flyers: free shit!! We recently received a donation of a TON of safe sex kits. We made a couple of additions to them to suit our purposes. Here’s a sample:

    SWOP-NOLA safe sex kits for promo

    SWOP-NOLA safe sex kits for promo: condom, glove, lube, how-to (as in, how to use the above correctly), flyer, cigarette for afterwards (just kidding).

    And yes, yes that is a bag of safe-sex supplies on top of a giant condom pie-chart. Thanks, Gambit!!

  • These things cost money. More money = bigger, more awesome events and bigger, more ambitious projects. Should we have a fundraiser? Should it be an event, or an internet-based Indiegogo-type thing?

  • Current projects – Summer’s over (thank god); it’s time to get moving on this stuff. We’d love your help if you’re interested.

See you tomorrow!

Meeting 10/6/13 – What happened (and more!)

Here’s what we covered in the meeting today. I’m posting a shortened, less-specific (minus personal info and details, etc.) version of this to the website and sending it out to the main email list. There is a more detailed version available on the Google Group. If you have attended at least one meeting or spoken to us one-on-one, you may request access to the Google Group by sending an email to swop.nola@gmail.com.

  1. December 17th – International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

  2. Reviving the Super-Awesome-Fun-SexWorker-Themed-Fundraiser-Party Idea??!!??!

  3. Shreveport SlutWalk Oct 12

  4. 2013 Southern Harm Reduction and Drug Policy Conference

  5. WWAV

  6. SWOP-USA Constitution draft

  7. Tulane Student creating LGBTQIA Resource Guide

  8. BreakOUT!

  9. re: Merch, logos, etc.

  10. New meeting space

  11. Google Group:

  12. Next Meeting: October 24th (3rd Thursday) at 6pm.

  1. December 17th – International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

    • We brainstormed plans re: what we’re going to do for December 17th (International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers) by November 1 because Slixa.com will contribute funds for whatever event we put on, as long as we submit our plans by November 1st.
    • This is what we did last year: 2012 – International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers – SWOP-NOLA
    • Some of the ideas we came up with:
      • Have it outside so that it’s more visible and open to the public and whoever’s curious. Probably Washington Square Park b/c it’s centrally located and it’s next to a bunch of bars and coffee shops we can hide in if the weather gets bad.
      • Potluck!
      • Lots of red umbrellas? We could find them cheap online or just spraypaint a bunch of used ones red
      • Costumes? I f-ing love costumes, yall. Wear animal prints/fake fur stuff? Wear red?
      • Info table w/ educational/informative materials (What’s a Sex Worker, How to be an Ally, How to Date a Sex Worker, etc.)

        Actually, you can just refer to the list I posted on the list of tabling materials from the 8/22/13 meeting (scroll down).
      • Sex Worker-themed art, etc. for sale? We could put out a call for submissions/donations of pieces.
      • Performances? Music?
      • We could contact Dynamo, the new independent, female-run, female-friendly sex toy boutique in NOLA to see if they’d like to help out or participate in any capacity (BTW: it turns out they ARE that same pop-up sex shop some of us have seen, and they do not yet have a brick and mortar store, so that solves the mystery).
      • Sex workers are individuals, and some of us are artists, crafters, writers, musicians, etc. Maybe we should bring some of our stuff along so that people can see that? It’s probably not ok to set up a formal sale table or whatever, but if someone just so happens to want to buy something on the spot, they could make a donation to SWOP-NOLA…
      • Party favors? Sexy kits! (I’m totally stealing this idea from an Endless Gaycation event from last year, but I contacted her and she said I could totally steal it. She had little bags containing condoms, poly gloves, maybe other things, and a little info sheet on why to use a glove, how to make a condom into a dental dam, how to use a condom, and safety with dildos. I figure we could do something like this and throw in info on SWOP. People love free shit, and they’re more likely to take a cute bag of sex supplies that just so happens to contain a flyer than they are to take a flyer on its own.)
      • While the reason we observe December 17th is a somber one, some of us wonder if there’s any harm in making the event fun, even while being respectful to those we’ve lost. One of our primary goals is to challenge and ultimately eradicate the stigma attached to sex work (since that stigma contributes to a culture that condones violence against us), right? And the first step to doing that is to educate the public. And people are more willing to approach us if we seem open and…well, fun. So? If anyone thinks this is inappropriate, let’s discuss it further.

    • If any of those ideas end up getting jettisoned for December 17th, there’s always International Sex Workers’ Rights Day on March 3rd. Here’s what we did last year for that:
      International Sex Workers’ Rights Day in New Orleans: 2pm Sunday, March 3rd 2013 at Washington Square Park!
      and the Facebook Event page: Facebook event: International Sex Workers’ Rights Day in NOLA 2013
      It was a lot of fun and we ended up with some really awesome new members that day 🙂

  2. Reviving the Super-Awesome-Fun-SexWorker-Themed-Fundraiser-Party Idea??!!??!

    This is something a few of us were brainstorming last year, but it never came to fruition because people get busy and people leave town and people have daily bs to deal with. BUT it’s something worth thinking about again, if you’re so inclined. Here’s a link to the post about it in the Google Group: Sex-work Themed Fundraiser Party OMGGG!!!!!!

  3. Shreveport Slut Walk

    Shreveport Slut Walk is October 12th, this Saturday!

    From their Facebook page: “Our vision is for a community party that would not only allow local survivors of sexual assault but also those who champion equality to celebrate, increase awareness, and create an environment for dialogue between all gender expressions and orientations, all walks of life, levels of employment and education, all races, ages, abilities, and backgrounds, and from throughout our great community. This would not so much be a “walk” as a non-mobile event inspired by the Slut Walk movement with art displays, musical and theatrical components, and easy access to information from support and empowerment organizations. Want to get involved? slutwalksbc@gmail.com “

    Check out their profile pic, especially the 4th line down.

    So it looks like it’s less of a march and more of a party. If you’re in or around Shreveport, you should go. Facebook event page: Sheveport Slut Walk on Oct 12 at MediaStar. If not, show them some support on their facebook page.

  4. 2013 Southern Harm Reduction and Drug Policy Conference

    The 2013 Southern Harm Reduction and Drug Policy Conference is being held in NOLA on December 12th and 13th at the HYATT REGENCY NEW ORLEANS, 601 Loyola Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70113. Event Price: $60 via Check, $63 via paypal; scholarships available. You can sign up here.

  5. WWAV

    If you haven’t checked out Women With a Vision yet, you should, because they’re awesome.

  6. SWOP-USA Constitution draft

    We have until Nov 1 to give feedback on the SWOP-USA Constitution draft. They’ve set up a specific website for us to review it and give feedback: swopusaconstitution.wordpress.com

  7. Tulane Student creating LGBTQIA Resource Guide

    A student at Tulane is compiling a comprehensive resource guide for LGBTQIA services in the city:

    “My plan is to spend this current semester compiling the resource guide, and to spend the spring developing it into a website. By May of 2014, I hope to launch a website that would host user-friendly information on all of the organizations, hospitals, clinics and shelters that offer resources for LGBTQIA folks….I am writing to you now, at the very beginning of this project, to ask for your input. What resources would be helpful to you/your organization? What kinds of things would make a website like this most useful to you? Do you think a website like this would be useful to your member base?”

    If you have input, please email us and we’ll pass it along to her, or we’ll give you her email so you can contact her directly.

  8. BreakOUT!

    Wes Ware from BreakOUT! (youthbreakout.org “fighting the criminalization of LGBTQ youth in New Orleans, LA”) left this comment on our post from the 9/19/13 meeting:
    I wanted to let you all know that we are members of the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Projects, which responds to LGBTQ violence nationally- whether it be hate violence or state violence. They routinely include sex worker violence in their reports, alerts, etc. They are good people to know or just generally be aware of, should their resources ever be helpful to you all. BreakOUT! tends to respond to transgender violence in New Orleans and the surrounding areas, too- many of whom are in the sex trade or are assumed to be in the sex trade. So keep us in the loop and of course, we’ll do the same. We’re happy to partner in the unfortunate event that a collective response is needed to an act of violence here locally.

  9. re: Merch, logos, etc.

    So, in addition to T-shirts/buttons/patches/etc., I was thinking…why not underpants?

    Slutwalk NOLA did it last year:
    Panties from 2013 Slutwalk New Orleans
    Slutwalk NOLA Panties – Front – “I decide.”

    Slutwalk NOLA panties - back
    Back – “Slutwalk NOLA – Victims of Assault are Never at Fault”

    St. James Infirmary were selling some for a while as well:

    St. James Infirmary panties
    Front – “Sex Workers’ Rights are Human Rights!”
    St James Infirmary Panties - back
    “St. James Infirmary Saved My Ass”

    Who DOESN’T like underpants with cool messages?!??! Remember those WWJD underpants from back in the day? No? Well, I’m old. But they were all the rage because LOL. So. SWOP-NOLA underpants?!? I bet we could talk to SlutWalk-NOLA and see where they got theirs done…

  10. New meeting space:

    Still need to discuss the particulars with the owner, but it’s an awesome space downtown.

  11. Google Group:

    If you have access to the Google group, talk to each other already (about stuff you’ve expressed interest in working on together)!! If you want access, contact us at swop.nola@gmail.com or go here (SWOP-NOLA Google Group.

  12. And those of you who are artistically talented (or untalented!), let’s work on designs/logos/cool visual stuff!

  13. Next Meeting: October 24th (3rd Thursday) at 6pm.

Questions? Suggestions? Comment below.