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Update 10/22/14 – Self Defense, Legal Resources, Events

This is a follow-up of the stuff we talked about at the meeting on Saturday–see previous update from Oct 14th


  • Self Defense class on November 14th

    The free, providers-only self-defense class will be held on Friday, November 14, 2014 from 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm at NOLA Shaolin-Do (4210 St. Claude Ave).

    Friday, November 14
    12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
    at NOLA Shaolin-Do

    4210 St. Claude Ave
    New Orleans, 70117

    (St. Claude at France St.)

    Please let us know if you can make it!

  • Legal Resources

    On the website, under “Resources” ­­­­—> “Legal” (swop­nola.org/category/legal), we’re putting together a list of relevant legal resources. This includes:

    • Louisiana Lawyers & Legal Resources Relevant to Sex Work: This is mostly Louisiana criminal defense lawyers who represent people with prostitution and prostitution­-related charges, plus lawyers who have experience representing people in the biz (escorts, strippers, etc.) in Family court, civil court, etc.: Louisiana Lawyers, Legal Resources Relevant to Sex Work
    • Free & Low­-Cost Legal Resources and Attorneys in Louisiana (not necessarily related to sex work): Lots of free and/or low­-cost legal resources, attys, resources for representing yourself, where to find forms for civil/family court, etc.: Free & Low-Cost Legal Resources and Attorneys in Louisiana
    • General info on Louisiana laws, your rights, etc.: laws regarding prostitution, what to do if arrested, etc. etc.: General info on Louisiana laws, your rights, etc.

    So please add to these lists if you know of anything.

  • Upcoming Events

    We have lots of stuff coming up, so we made an event calendar.  Enjoy!

  • SAVE Act

    Have you heard of the SAVE (Stop Advertising Victims of Exploitation) Act? Basically, now they’re going after ad sites like Backpage, Eros, etc. AND social networking sites under the guise of “saving the children” (they’re saying that “street gangs” use Backpage to “sell children” for sex). If this passes, we will be required to submit personal identification info not only to the sites we use for advertising, but to other sites that aren’t necessarily advertising sites, but are used by escorts for networking with clients, etc. And, as we saw earlier this year, the FBI can easily take over any damn website they please and access any and all info the company is saving on its servers (a few months ago, ad sites in California were seized by the FBI recently (indictment here) and it escalated from there with arrests, raids of the site owner’s home and prostitution charges (video)Official press release here.

SWOP-NOLA Meeting 8/28/14: What happened

Safer Sex Supplies from Dykeadence

SW-only Self-Defense Class

Submit Your Story for Inclusion in a Report of Human Rights Abuses Experienced by Sex Workers

Desiree Alliance Conference

Website and Facebook Page Access

Questionnaire on SW Working Conditions

Free Human Trafficking Online Course

Maggie Mcneill

Update on Healthcare Project

Safer Sex Supplies from Dykeadence

Last year, the organizers of Dykeadence donated their excess safer sex supplies to us for our December 17th International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers event.  We’re going to apply for funds to buy their excess materials (and perhaps more) for the December 17th event this year.

SW-only Self-Defense Class

There was a free self defense course back in July that focused on “hands-on experience learning simple and effective techniques for self-defense.”  From the Facebook event page:

We want to avoid violent situations at almost any cost, but if it is necessary to defend yourself, you need to know how to quickly strike to incapacitate and attacker and break away. We’ll cover situations with both unarmed and armed attackers.  We’ll also learn techniques for de-escalating a situation, when it might be best to feign cooperation, to run away, or when it might be necessary to fight.

After the fact, a few people in the local SW community expressed interest in the course and wanted to know if it would be offered again soon.  We are currently assessing interest in a private, SW-only class.  If there are enough potential attendees, we’ll approach a local self-defense instructor, and depending on the fees, we may seek funding from national.

Submit Your Story for Inclusion in a Report of Human Rights Abuses Experienced by Sex Workers

(This deadline has apparently been extended, but send your submissions in ASAP)

From a Facebook post by Cris Sardina:

The Best Practices Policy Project (BPPP), Desiree Alliance, and SWOP NYC are calling on sex workers rights advocates and allies to join us in reporting the human rights abuses experienced by sex workers, people in the sex trades, people profiled as sex workers or impacted by anti-sex work policing and policies, and related communities.

The U.S. will soon be reviewed by the United Nations (U.N.) Human Rights Council on its human rights record in a process referred to as the Universal Periodic Review (UPR). We are submitting a report to the U.N. and the U.N. needs to hear from you. Through this process, we create awareness before the international community, media outlets, other government officials, U.N. Human Rights Council members, and other stakeholders on the pressing issues facing the community.

This is an important tool for pressuring the government to make changes. To write this report, we need to hear from those who have directly experienced human rights violations and we are reaching out to folks until August 25th 2014. We hope to collect testimony and data from sex workers and related communities that we can include in our report. If there are specific instances of rights violations, you wish to share with us, we will incorporate these into the report. First-hand accounts of violations people have experienced are what the UN needs to hear most. Also know that these accounts can be anonymous in the report and that we will share a draft of the report with you so you can check that no identifying details are included.

If you are interested in participating, please email us at BPPP (bestpracticespolicyproject@gmail.com) or directly to one of our team including J.Kirby, Kat Thomas, Penelope Saunders, Darby Hickey, Cris Sardina and Kate D’Adamo. We are happy to help people and groups understand what the UPR is and how the process works, and we would value learning about your experience working to advocate for rights at the U.N. to increase our collective knowledge. We can also assist with drafting testimony and organizing data. We will draft the report and send it to you or your organization’s representative before submitting to ensure that we correctly documented your experiences.

Cristine Sardina BWS, MSJ
Desiree Alliance Co-director

Desiree Alliance Conference

We discussed the possibility of holding the 2015 Desiree Alliance Conference in New Orleans and who will play what roles in organizing it.  This group must be representative of sex workers in New Orleans and the overall population of NOLA (i.e., not dominated by middle class white cis female sexworkers).  Those interested in working on this should either discuss it on the (private) SWOP-NOLA google group, or contact each other directly.

Some of the events of the 2013 conference are linked here.

Website and Facebook Page Access

Whoever wants admin/posting privileges to the website and/or the Facebook page needs to speak up so that we can get them set up to do that.

Questionnaire on SW Working Conditions

from a SWOP-NOLA member:

A sex worker comrade from Australia I met recently is making a resource zine detailing working conditions across the world. Attached is a questionnaire for people to use to describe their experiences, and the results will be used to guide people wherever they are working. Her email address is included if you have any further questions. Hope some of us get a chance to fill it out!

I’ll post a link to this if/when I get permission to do so. Until then, if you’re interested in filling this out, contact us at swop.nola@gmail.com.

Free Human Trafficking Online Course

Here’s your chance to see firsthand what they’re teaching well-intentioned students about the sex industry!  I can’t attest to the accuracy/inaccuracy of this course.

This was posted in the FB Group Whorephobia and Transphobia: End the Hate Now! by Bella Robinson:

Coursera is FREE online education so anyone can take this class!  I recommend that anyone who has the time to take this class do so. I am not computer savvy, but withing a few hours, I could see that this wasn’t about human trafficking, and that it was focused on sex trafficking; thus conflating sex work with trafficking, We need to have a good discussion, and call them out on all the incorrect data. Rarely are we given the opportunity to have our voices heard. I think that our community needs to involved in this discussion.  Ohio State University – Human Trafficking Course

Maggie Mcneill

Author/blogger Maggie Mcneill is in town.  If you’d like to meet with her or have her speak at an event, you can contact her through her blog/website or through Twitter.

Update on Healthcare Project

Lots of stuff going on with this!  A more detailed update on this project is coming soon, but for now, here are some of the things that are in the works:

  • Survey (both online and paper) to be distributed to local SWs, which will lead to, among other things:
  • Dr/Clinic reviews compiled into a searchable database
  • “Warmline” that SWs can call for info on healthcare resources
  • Possible partnerships with other local orgs


According to one of our members, St. Thomas Health Clinic is awesome and affordable.
Daughters of Charity, however, just “doesn’t do” birth control, despite the fact that they receive state funding. 

Oh, and BTW:

Sex Workers Outreach Project

SWOP-NOLA Meeting this Thursday (August 28th)

Hey everyone!

We’re meeting up tin the Marigny his Thursday (August 28th) at 6:30pm.

Contact us at swop.nola@gmail.com for the specific location.

If there’s anything you’d like to suggest for discussion, post your suggestion in the comments section below.

Also:  This Sunday (tomorrow) from 3pm-8pm Dykedance is hosting a Safer Sex Materials Packing Party at Big Daddy’s Bar.  Here’s the Facebook event page:


They’re the ones who so generously gave us the supplies for the December 17th International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers event last year, so come out, have drinks, and help them out if you can!
See you Thursday!


Thursday, April 17 meeting notes

Feel free to add anything I forgot (just post in the comments section).

This is an abbreviated version of a more detailed record available to members of the SWOP-NOLA Google Group.  That version contains some sensitive information (email addresses, first names, etc.).  The SWOP-NOLA Google Group contains detailed updates including specific meeting locations, information on current projects, etc.  If you’d like to access the group, please request membership here.

  1. NSWP

  2. Amnesty International

  3. Smoke and Apple Films Documentary

  4. Big Ol’ Sex-Worker-Friendly Healthcare Resources Project

  5. Legal Resources

  6. Monica Jones

  1. NSWP

    I applied for membership to NSWP, we were approved, and as of April 17th 2014, we are full members.  Nifty pdf saying so here:  CERTIFICATE OF MEMBERSHIP – Global Network of Sex Work Projects

  2. Amnesty International

    Decriminalization of sex work was a topic at Amnesty International’s 2014 Human Rights Conference a few days ago.  In a document they sent out (which is no longer available for distribution), they said:

    “While the organization does not currently have a policy on sex work, it decided to initiate this consultation after considering evidence which suggests that the criminalisation of sex work leads to social marginalisation and an increased risk of human rights abuses against sex workers. The evidence also suggests that decriminalisation could be the best means to protect the rights of sex workers and to ensure that individuals involved in sex work receive adequate medical care, legal assistance, and police protection.”

    They are requesting that sex workers fill out a questionnaire/survey so that they can better understand our experience in this type of work and our priorities regarding sex workers’ rights.  However, in order for the answers to be useful, and in order to assure it doesn’t fall into the hands of prohibitionist groups, they’ve asked that we only distribute the survey to absolutely, positively, for-real sex workers.  Contact us at swop.nola@gmail.com if you’re interested in submitting your responses.

  3. Smoke and Apple Films Documentary

    Katie Green of Smoke and Apple Films contacted us requesting participants for a documentary they’re making.  They intend to portray sex work in a positive light.  If I’m understanding her correctly, they’re getting around the whole anonymity thing by making it animated (with audio from the interviews).  We talked on the phone and she seemed legit, so I asked her to write up a brief informative pitch for y’all, and I told her that anyone who was interested in participating would contact her.  Here it is:  Call for Interviewees for a documentary film: The Sex Workers Project (working title)

  4. Big ol’ healthcare project

    • The easiest way for you to help with this project is to either:
      1. Share a link to our SWOP-NOLA Sex Worker-Friendly Healthcare Resources Survey ( https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/NZP7CLH ) on Facebook, Twitter, etc., or in a post on your website or blog, or
      2. Send the link ( https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/NZP7CLH ) to any healthcare professionals or resources you know who might be interested in participating (being listed in our directory of Sex Wroker-Friendly Healthcare Resources)

    • One of our members, who has access to the world of everything medical (well, way more than most of us do), has the opportunity to work with the director of community health at Tulane in June.  We talked about the possibility of her going to clinics on a sort of educational crusade re: how to be nonjudgmental, respectful of sex workers, understanding of some of our concerns, etc.
    • Another member has experience doing stuff like this and creating materials.  She has contacts at Breakout! and WWAV and other orgs that may want to collaborate, and she may have access to materials that might be helpful/useful.
    • Everyone interested in this should familiarize themselves with the PERSIST Health Project in NY, which is basically what I envisioned this being (sooner or later) in like 2012 when I first realized there was a need for it.  If you’d like to be put in contact with the members working on this project, contact us.
    • Z suggested that we pin down what we’re looking for from this project, etc. because that might help guide us in the development of it.
    • Here’s mine:  I’ve been a full-service sex worker for a few years.   A couple years back, I noticed that, at least in online spaces for local clients and escorts/fbsm providers, there’s a general naivete and lack of knowledge (re: medical stuff like safe sex, signs and symptoms–or lack thereof–of STIs, myths about how HIV and other STIs are spread, etc.,) and a general distrust of healthcare providers.  Some clients took advantage of providers’ lack of knowledge by convincing them to engage in high-risk behavior.

      So, I wanted to have a list of healthcare providers with whom full-service sex workers could speak frankly and visit for medical concerns without the fear of being sold out to the cops, judged, lectured, shamed, etc.  Later I thought about how it would be cool to have a counselor who wouldn’t blame all my problems on my work.  And then I saw Louisiana Trans Advocates’ list of medical resources.  Once we started working on the list of sex worker-friendly healthcare providers, and we realized that most people we contacted had no idea what “harm reduction” or “sex worker” or even “non judgemental” meant, we realized that this was a beast and we’d have to inform/educate/etc. before we expected healthcare providers to decide whether they were cool with treating us without judgement.  Then I met Sarah from PERSIST last year and I was like, holy hell, that’s exactly what we need!

      The more people who have gotten involved, the more complicated this project has become, which is actually good–this project seemed simple at first, but there’s a ton of shit I was overloooking.  Then we lost some people, and others no longer had the time/energy (everyone assures me this is normal with SW-led orgs, but it still sucks).  Then a good friend of mine (full-service sw) in NY had a terrible experience a few months ago with a doctor, and when she told me the story of the whole ordeal and how she was treated, this project became a priority in my mind again.  So here we are.

    • Here’s the list we have so far. Feel free to add to it! All of you should be able to edit it. If you can’t, let me know. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AhkPsuOfq6wDdDZYd3RwOXprZ3ZiUWZYRWJZYXVaWnc&usp=sharing 

      They have all been sent this info flyer:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxkPsuOfq6wDNTZGcWU4UzBtdlU/edit?usp=sharing

  5. Legal Resources

    • G suggested we do a similar project for legal resources (specifically, a directory of sex-worker-friendly attorneys and other law-ish stuff.).  I wanted this to exist, but I only know of like one lawyer who is sw-friendly. This would be awesome, and according to G it’s entirely possible, as she has some connections she can talk to about it.
    • Also, Z will contact people he knows at Resurrection After Exoneration (I think?), which looks pretty badass.
  6. Monica Jones

    What can we do for Monica? Fundraising?  Publicity?  On the individual level, we can each donate to SWOP-PHOENIX because (if I understand correctly), they’re paying her legal fees, etc.  Z will print out flyers and hand them out during the anti-Easter Easter Parade (sorry, I forgot what it’s called). 

    More about Monica Jones:

Meeting 1/23/14 – What Happened

  1. Future Regularly-Scheduled Meetings

  2. Regularly-Scheduled Social Meetups

  3. Project with Women With a Vision

  4. March 3rd is International Sex Workers Rights Day

  5. Money Issues

  6. Clinic List Project

  7. Screen printing T-shirts and stuff

  8. Call for Submissions: essays and artwork

  9. Read the Updates under “News,” y’all

  1. Future Regularly-Scheduled Meetings:

  2. Meetings will take place once monthly: 6pm on the third Thursday of each month.

  3. Regularly-Scheduled Social Meetups:

  4. An overwhelming majority of SWOP-NOLA members (past and present) and local sex workers have said that they are mainly seeking camaraderie, support, info exchange (for safety and health reasons), and just having the opportunity to hang out with people with whom we can speak openly and honestly about our jobs without fear of judgement, we aim to fill that need this year with a once-monthly social meetup. This is what our community wants and needs, so someone’s gotta offer it, otherwise we’re just paying lip-service (lol that sounds dirty) to our goals.

    These aren’t SWOP-NOLA meetings, and they don’t have anything to do with SWOP-NOLA other than the fact that some SWOP-NOLA members might attend, and SWOP-NOLA members are starting it (someone had to). The idea is for this to be a separate project: monthly laid-back come-as-you-are get-togethers for local dancers/strippers, escorts, fbsm providers, cam-girls and -boys, etc.

    Sooooo….we’re gonna need to do some publicity for these things. Maybe a Facebook page? Facebook event invites? Someone with access to Stripperweb should post about it there, and someone with access to Eccie should do the same there. We should also print up some flyers and drop them off at the clubs on Bourbon, etc.

    As the newly-minted Social Director, T is in charge of this. It would probably be good to have a couple people working together to make these things happen each month, though, because organizing this shit, publicizing it, and making it all happen is a lot of work. If you’d like to help her out, or partner up with her to make this happen, contact her (or contact swop.nola@gmail.com and I’ll have her contact you).

    The first social meet-up will be this Sunday (February 2nd) at 11am. Location TBA in whatever way T decides is appropriate.

  5. Project with Women With a Vision:

  6. (We’ve talked about this several times in the past)
    Women With A Vision is working on print materials to introduce a different image of sex work in the community. The goal is to educate the public re:

    • Trafficking vs. Sex Work (i.e., they are not one in the same)
    • The harmfulness of the stigma surrounding sex work and those who participate in it
    • Reasons why women (all sex workers, but as their name suggests, WWAV focuses on female-identified people) choose to do sex work. They want a variety of sex workers represented in this project, so they have requested help from us. What they need is brief explanations/quotes from us about why we chose to go into sex work.

    So, if you are or ever have been a sex worker (anyone who works in the sex industry, regardless of the type of work you do or its criminal status), we want to hear from you! You may submit anything from a short sentence to a story.

    You can submit it at a meeting, through email (swop.nola@gmail.com), or use the comments section of this page: http://swop-nola.org/why to submit your answer anonymously.

  7. March 3rd is International Sex Workers Rights Day

  8. It sure is! Since 2001, sex workers the world over have celebrated International Sex Workers Rights Day on March 3rd.

    And we would, too….except for the fact that Mardi Gras is on March 4th this year, which means Lundi Gras is March 3rd, which means HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAAH LOL yeah right. We ain’t organizing shit that day.

    So, we’re going to celebrate ISWRD sometime the week after. Our tentative plan is to have a film viewing: something fun and sex-work themed that people actually WANT to get their butts off the couch to come out and see, and once we’ve got em there, we can throw in little snippets of (also fun) sex-are-awesome-and-stop-treating-us-like-subhuman-filth videos (you can find some of my favorites here.). Anyone have suggestions for a longer, more mainstream-ish movie to be the main draw? I know there are lots of movie reviews/critiques on titsandsass.com

    We’ll have a keg and some food. It will be crawfish season by that time, so that’s an idea…Suggestions? Ideas? Anyone have a setup for that? I’m betting one of us could probably borrow a pot, etc. from family or friends.

    Anyway, if you want in on the planning of this event, contact swop.nola@gmail.com and we’ll put everyone in touch. A few of you volunteered at the meeting; if you’re not in touch with each other yet, let me know.

  9. Money Issues

  10. Someone needs to be in charge of money. For example, we have a little money left over from the Dec 17th event, but it’s sitting in my bank account. For now, I’m going to transfer it to the swop-nola paypal account, but we need to have a plan for how money is managed. J and D volunteered to be in charge of this.

  11. Clinic List Project

  12. I cannot wait til we conquer this beast of a project. We’ve sent out info flyers on who we are/what we’re doing/why. We have an online survey. We need people to call these places, or show up and talk to them.

    EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THIS PROJECT is in the posts linked here: Sex Worker-Friendly Healthcare/Clinic List Project.

    If you have any info about healthcare providers, etc. you know are sex-worker friendly, PLEASE let us know! Just send that info to swop.nola@gmail.com.

  13. Screen printing T-shirts and stuff

  14. We want to wear stuff. We want to make stuff. Help us out. D said she has a lead on that. Anyone else who does should contact us!!

  15. Call for Submissions: essays and artwork

  16. From redlighttherapycollection.com:

    “We all know that sex workers are healers, and many experiences in our work are profoundly therapeutic for our clients and for ourselves. An anthology entitled ‘Red Light Therapy: Portraits of Healing In Sex Work’ is in the works, and the editor would love to hear from you! Please send abstracts & questions to Redlighttherapycollection@gmail.com, and check out www.redlighttherapycollection.com for more information.”

    Call for performers: See this facebook link

  17. Read the Updates under “News,” y’all

  18. For real. If you missed a meeting, or you have a question, please look through there. It’s not that I dislike having a shitload of questions about specific shit we’ve gone over and over (but I haven’t necessarily committed word-for-word and number-for-number to memory) thrown at me during meetings–I love that! It keeps me on my toes! 🙂 🙂 🙂 But you’re more likely to get the answers you need by reading these long-ass things I type up and post on Facebook, Twitter, WP, our own website, and send out through email after each meeting.

Meeting 12/1/13 – What happened

  1. December 17th stuff

  2. Being more inclusive of other types of sex workers

  3. Clinic List

  4. What we need right now

  1. December 17th stuff

    • Exact times: Meet at 4 for second line, AllWays from 6-8
    • 6 red umbrellas in
    • Dec 17th materials have been made and sent off to Vistaprint
      • 100 promo flyers

      • Front:
        December 17th - International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers in New Orleans


        December 17th route

        December 17th route (back of flyer)

      • 500 mini-flyers (business-card size) to include in the stuff we’re handing out

      • SWOP-NOLA mini flyer

      • 100 Emergency Response Info cards (to have available for sexworkers during the event)

      • (I got the text from the SWOP-Chicago website originally (I think), and I crammed it into a postcard-size flyer)


        Emergency Response Info - Front of card

        Emergency Response Info – Front of card


        SWOP-NOLA Emergency Response Info - back

        Emergency Response Info – back of card

      They should be in sometime this week.

    • FB Event Page

    • Done. https://www.facebook.com/events/643017142415496/ Invite everybody and your mother.

    • Food and beverages

    • We want to hire one of the bartenders at AllWays to work the 2 hour event for us. I was thinking $150-200 or so would be good for asking someone to come in for 2 hours, and we could leave a box out for any $$ donations people wanted to give us or whatever. But apparently I don’t know jack about bartending, and I’ve since been set straight. I understand now that $60 is good, and they’ll make a lot more in tips than they would have if we just gave them $150-200.

      I assumed we’d offer wine (complimentary–they do it at art openings and funerals, so I guess it just made sense in my head). But then it occurred to me that that would be cutting into the bar’s profits.

      As for food, we decided to just get food trays from Rouse’s or Winn Dixie, but someone came up with the idea to have a friend sorta-kinda cater it. I’m not clear on the price for that yet. I hear the snack/hors d’oeuvres trays at Rouse’s are crazy expensive.

    • What’s the $$ situation so far?
    • From a budget of $800 (thanks again, Eros.com!)

      • 6 red umbrellas – $78.69
      • Flyers and materials – $84.86
      • Flyers and materials – $14.28
      • 24 red masks – $8.22

      remainder: $613.95

      If you’re buying stuff, let me know, and I’ll give you a link to the budget online so that you can record the cost. That way, we’ll all know how much money we have left, and I’ll know how much to reimburse you.

    • Publicity Stuff

    • I wrote up a quick and dirty press release the other night and sent it off to a few local publications, and added the event to a few websites. We should be getting a writeup in Gambit if everything goes right. Someone else might be able to do an interview on WTUL.

    • What do we need to do?
      1. Invite people via the Facebook Event Page
      2. Distribute flyers when they come in
      3. Put stuff in bags
      4. Do a reading, tell a story, play a song, say a thing
      5. Contact WWAV and BreakOUT! to see what they’re up to re: Dec 17th
      6. Help set up before the event and clean up after
      7. Come get these umbrellas so I don’t have to carry them all
      8. Buy Candles
      9. Tell me what else needs to be done because I’m blanking

    Other Stuff

  2. Being more inclusive of other types of sex workers

  3. We’ve been talking about this for a while. We kind of focus mostly on full service providers, and we’re leaving out a lot of people in NOLA that also work in the sex industry, especially dancers. And it’s not like nothing important is going on with them (Check it out: Bourbon St. Strip Club Sued by Dancers) or they aren’t victims of violence and stigma. Strength in numbers, y’all. Also, lots of people are interested in sharing info, warnings (re: bad clients, etc.) and tips one-on-one, or just getting together socially with others who won’t get all weird when we talk about our jobs. So we’ve been throwing ideas about an offshoot of SWOP that might serve that purpose.

    While perusing ebay for old NOLA-themed shit (as I am wont to do), I found this movie (that apparently sucked) on the internets, and I thought the art on the posters for it was cute (for flyers and stuff):

    Naughty New Orleans - SWOP-NOLA

    Naughty New Orleans - SWOP-NOLA

    Naughty New Orleans - SWOP-NOLA

    Those of us at the meeting thought that we might as well just take the name “Naughty New Orleans” because 1) it’s cute, 2) it’s one less thing to alter on the flyer. Also, it’s non-gendered, which I like.

  4. Clinic List

  5. The flyers are finally all corrected, addressed, stamped, and out.

    Soon we can send a link to the survey via email, and then, after we collect those responses (if any), we’ll need to start calling.

    If I owe you money for postage, let me know and I’ll bring it to you!

  6. What we need right now:

    • People who enjoy flyering (leaving stacks of SWOP-NOLA flyers in coffee shops, on bulletin boards, etc.)
    • Someone explain all the awesomeness of Google Voice to me
    • People who are good at explaining things and communicating via phone (to call offices on the list of healthcare providers)
    • Start thinking about whether you’d like to contribute anything to the project we’re doing with Women With A Vision. It can be as short as a sentence, or you can make a video (or plan to make one with the videographer they have). Basically, you’re answering the question, “Why did/do you choose to do sex work?” I think you can talk about why you originally chose to star, or why you choose to continue doing it now, or both.
    • Obviously, help with the December 17th event (see above).