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Sex Worker-Friendly Healthcare Resources Survey




Are you a Sex Worker-friendly healthcare provider or counselor? We want to hear from you!

If you’re having trouble with the survey on this page, you can also fill it out here: SWOP-NOLA Sex Worker-Friendly Healthcare Resources

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Arrests, Health Questions, Gonorrhea, & Sex Trafficking and the Superbowl in NOLA

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Again, if you’re receiving this email, it’s because either you’ve expressed interest in SWOP-NOLA, or you just plain rock and I thought you might be interested. If I’ve made a mistake and you actually don’t rock and you’re not interested, let me know, and I’ll remove you from the list.

In this Update:

NOPD Arrests 11 in Prostitution Sting
Ask a Healthcare Professional
Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea and CBJs (Covered Blow Jobs)
New Orleans Human Trafficking Conference, October 24 and 27
Lafayette and Beyond

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Registered as a Sex Offender for a Crime Against Nature Conviction? The Law Has Changed!! Louisiana Revised Statute 15:542(F)(4) – Crime Against Nature and Sex Offender Registry

From Deon Haywood of Women With a Vision:

Are you currently required to register as a sex offender for a crime against nature conviction? If so, the law has changed and you may no longer be required to register as a sex offender. In order to be relieved of your sex offender registration requirement, the new law requires you to do certain things, including filing what’s called a Motion in court to get you off the sex offender registry permanently. If you think this applies to you and you want to learn more about the new law and how to file a Motion in court, please come to one of the following Community Meetings organized by Women With A Vision and Orleans Public Defenders:


For more information about the Meetings, please contact:

Kim Diemer
Orleans Public Defenders
2601 Tulane Ave, 7th Floor
(504) 821-8101

Deon Haywood,ED
Women With A Vision
(504) 931-7944

The new law states that “Any persons who was convicted of crime against nature…may file a motion in the court of conviction to be relieved of the sex offender registration and notification requirements.” (Louisiana Revised Statute 15:542(F)(4)). This law was passed by the Louisiana Legislature because the sex offender registration for those convicted of crime against nature was found unconstitutional.


Louisiana Revised Statute 15:542(F)(4))

(4)(a) Any person who was convicted of crime against nature (R.S. 14:89) prior to August 15, 2010, may file a motion in the court of conviction to be relieved of the sex offender registration and notification requirements of this Chapter if the offense for which the offender was convicted would be defined as crime against nature by solicitation (R.S. 14:89.2) had the offender been convicted on or after August 15, 2010. Offenders convicted of an offense under the laws of another state, or military, territorial, foreign, tribal, or federal law may file a motion in the district court of his parish of residence once the administrative procedures of R.S. 15:542.1.3 have been exhausted, and the elements of the offense of conviction have been found to be equivalent to the current definition of crime against nature by solicitation (R.S. 14:89.2). The provisions of this Subparagraph shall not apply to persons whose conviction for crime against nature pursuant to R.S. 14:89 involved the solicitation of a person under the age of seventeen and would authorize sentencing of the offender pursuant to R.S. 14:89.2(B)(3), had the offender been convicted on or after August 15, 2010.

(b) The motion shall be accompanied by supporting documentation to establish that the person was convicted of crime against nature prior to August 15, 2010, and that the offense for which the offender was convicted would be defined as crime against nature by solicitation (R.S. 14:89.2) had the offender been convicted on or after August 15, 2010.

(c) The district attorney, office of state police, and the Department of Justice, shall be served with a copy of the motion.

(d) If the supporting documentation described in Subparagraph (b) of this Paragraph is provided and meets the requirements of Subparagraph (4)(b), relief shall be granted unless the district attorney objects and provides supporting documentation proving that the offense for which the person was convicted, and which requires registration and notification pursuant to the provisions of this Chapter, involved the solicitation of a person under the age of seventeen.

(e) If the district attorney proves by clear and convincing evidence that the conviction for crime against nature pursuant to R.S. 14:89 involved the solicitation of a person under the age of seventeen, the court shall deny the motion to be relieved of the sex offender registration and notification requirements as provided by the provisions of this Paragraph.

(f) The provisions of this Paragraph shall not apply to any person who was convicted of one or more offenses which otherwise require registration pursuant to the provisions of this Chapter.

Meetings/Meetups, Flyers, Dykeadence – Email 8/26/2012

Hello Everyone!!

First, if you weren’t included in the previous emails, I’ve posted them on the website, so you can catch up by reading this one: Dear New Orleans Providers 7/30/12 and this one:  Email 8/7/12.


I’ve gotten a few emails lately asking if we have any events or meetups or anything going on in the near future.  The short answer is:  We will, once it’s more than just me.  Wanna help?

I just started SWOP-NOLA in late June, and I made and paid for the site myself, and have been trying to publicize as best as possible, but it’s slow-going when it’s just me.  I have flyers coming in soon, so if you’d like to help with that, that would be awesome.  Also, I’ll be at events during Dykeadence (the queer-women-and-trans-and-friends-and-oh-hell-everybody’s-welcome! version of Decadence Fest) with print materials, etc.  I eventually want to take out ads in local publications, but again, it’s just me and my own money so far, and it’s been a labor of love.  If no one’s interested in getting involved at this point, that’s fine, and I understand that sex workers’ rights activism isn’t exactly something most people can be public about.  But in case anyone IS interested, now or in the future, here it is.  And I’ll continue to work on the website so that it can be a source of information for sex workers in New Orleans and the surrounding area.

So, if anyone wants to help out…

1)  You can help post flyers! (By the way, they will look like this: http://swop-nola.org/new-flyer-what-is-a-sex-worker/)

2)  You can hang out at Dykeadence events with me, hand out flyers, and answer questions people might have about sex work and our position re: the legal, social, health, safety, etc. aspects.  My friend is running it and she’s awesome, and I’m pretty sure we’ll be comped!  If not, I’ll pay your ticket.)

3)  If Decadence Fest is more your style, I’d be happy to supply you with materials to distribute at boys-only (or boys-mostly) events.

4)  You can spread the word by recommending our page on Facebook, linking to the website, etc.

5)  You can help contribute to the website with your own expert wisdom and advice.  Either email me or post anonymously here (just click on the “Leave a Reply” links).

6)  My next big project is to start contacting clinics in the city to see which ones sex worker-friendly (meaning they’re cool with working with us, not judgmental about what we do for work, and take a harm-reduction approach).

7)  I’m thinking that it might be smart to spread this to Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Houma, etc., since they’re so close to NOLA, and since so many of us travel between those cities.  If someone would like to start putting together resources for those cities, that would be awesome.  A list of clinics that are useful (and not jerks) to sex workers would be especially helpful.

8)  Speak up and say what you want.  Want a meet-up?  Let’s make it happen.  Have an idea?  Email me and I’ll put it up on the Facebook page and on the website.  Want to meet up for coffee or drinks or something, just to chat about ideas?  Contact me and we’ll find a time and a place that works for both of us.

9)  This space intentionally left blank.

10) Be awesome.

Well, enjoy the rest of your weekend, and keep an eye on Isaac!!

SWOP-NOLA: Sex Workers Outreach Project – New Orleans

Like us on Facebook:  SWOP-NOLA on Facebook


Who We Are:

Members of SWOP-NOLA include current and former Escorts, Professional Companions, Service Providers, Strippers, Exotic Dancers, FBSM / Erotic and Sensual Massage Practitioners, Pro-Dommes, Fetish Professionals, Cam Models, and Adult Entertainers of all types, genders, races, and sexualities (and allies!) in New Orleans and the surrounding area.

We are the local chapter of Sex Workers outreach Project USA, a national social justice network dedicated to the fundamental human rights of sex workers and their communities, focusing on ending violence and stigma through education and advocacy.

SWOP, at its most basic, is an anti-violence campaign. As a multi-state network of sex workers and advocates, we address locally and nationally the violence that sex workers experience because of their criminal status. Read the Official Mission Statement here.

What We Do:

  • provide and distribute locally-relevant, sex-work-specific information and resources re: safety, health, and the law (both online and in print materials).
  • foster a sense of community among local sex workers of all types, genders, socioeconomic groups, races, sexual orientations, etc.
  • encourage that community to morph into a supergroup of mega-rockstars united in a mission to eradicate the stigma associated with sex work and the idea that sex workers are not deserving of respect and basic human rights.

What We Don’t Do:

  • We are not a “rescue group.”  We will not assist friends or family members in any attempt to persuade sex workers to leave their chosen profession.  We are non-judgmental and emphasize harm reduction, as opposed to demand or supply reduction.
  • We do not work with youth or minors (anyone under the age of 18). If you are under 18 and you need help, go here, or here, or here.
  • We are not an employment agency.  We will not offer advice on how to become a sex worker, and we will not give tips on advertising, finding clients, etc.
  • We are not an advertising board.  We will not host ads for services or serve as a networking site for providers and clients.
  • We do not condone, participate in, or support sex trafficking, or any other type of human trafficking/forced labor.

Want to Help?