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New Orleans Community Resource Guide – Common Ground Health Clinic

New Orleans Community Resource Guide – July 2014

Common Ground Health Clinic

Click here to view the New Orleans Resource Guide as a searchable database at nolaresourceguide.org

Click here to download Common Ground Health Clinic’s New Orleans Community Resource Guide (in .pdf) – JULY 2014_NOLACRG

Table of Contents

  • Navigating Health Care Systems & Programs
  • Basic Needs Assistance (Case management, clothing, utilities, etc.)
  • Primary Health Care Clinics
  • Mental Health
  • Dental & Eye Care
  • HIV / AIDS & STIs
  • Reproductive Health (Family planning, prenatal care & birth, abortion, etc.)
  • Access (Meals, groceries, gardening, food justice, etc.) Hospitals
  • Prescription Assistance
  • Addiction Services
  • Anti-Violence Resources (Domestic abuse, sexual assault, etc.) Shelters & Housing
  • Special Needs
  • Employment
  • Community Support & Education (Wellness, advocacy, literacy, etc.) For Formerly Incarcerated People
  • Justice & Legal Aid
  • Recovery & Rebuilding
  • Index

Judgment Free Health Care Providers

Judgment Free Health Care Providers

Welcome to the Judgment Free Health Care Directory!

People within the LGBTQI and alternative sexuality and relationship communities face great difficulty accessing affordable, comprehensive health care. Systemic discrimination and lack of basic cultural competency prevents many people from accessing medically necessary and appropriate health care and social services.

In an attempt to ensure access to safe, respectful and non-discriminatory health care for the LGBTQI and Sex-Positive communities (and the diverse sub-communities within them), the Judgment Free Health Care Provider Directory is a compiled listing of health care providers willing and able to provide quality, culturally competent care to gender and sexual minorities. Unlike existing lists serving the various communities separately, this list allows health care professionals to designate areas of gender and sexuality experience and competence so that patients can select the providers that meet their individual needs!

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Update: Meetings, HRW survey, NOLA Pride, Desiree Alliance, etc.

Hello Everyone!  Hope you’re all happy, well, and sitting pretty on a pile of cash.

In this update:

9/21/12: Link Exchanges, Law Questions, Sexy Events, HIV Research, Robyn Few

Hello all! Hope you’re having a great September.  Mine’s not so bad, now that I’m aaaaaaaalmost caught up on everything I got behind on during Isaac and the ensuing power outage.  Here are some updates:

In this SWOP-NOLA Update:

Link Exchanges
Share Your Opinions, Questions
Cool, Sexy Stuff is Happening
Southern Harm Reduction Conference
Research Into HIV Prevention
Robyn Few

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What is Sex Work? (For Friends, Family, and Allies of Sex Workers)

The first step to understanding and accepting a friend or loved one’s choice to be a sex worker is to learn about sex work and to listen with suspended judgment to sex workers themselves. The articles and videos below (many of which are from the perspectives of sex workers themselves) provide some background on sex work and the harm reduction model.

Sex workers are a diverse group. We vary in race, gender, age, nationality, socioeconomic status, and by the type of sex work that we do. But most of us agree that it is only by listening to sex workers that our friends, family members, lovers, and allies can begin to re-examine, question, and hopefully work through the prejudices, stereotypes, and cultural stigma surrounding the work we do.

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Articles about Sex Work: