September 1, 2012 – Hurricane Isaac Power Outage – We’re Back!

September 3 Update:

Power is back on, internet is still off. Answering emails whenever I’m able to get to a coffee shop. Hope everyone fared well during and after the storm and the power outage!! Now about those flyers…

As always, if you’d like to get on the email list, use this contact form or email This is also a great way to volunteer to post flyers around town… 😉

September 1 email:

Just letting everyone know that I’ll respond to messages soon. I haven’t had electricity or internet since…Monday I think, and I’m checking email at a coffee shop right now. I do see your emails and Facebook messages, and I’ll get to them when there aren’t people breathing down my neck, and evil-eyeing me for taking too long charging my laptop and phone, lol.

So yeah, I have no A/C, no wifi, no lights, no nothin’…but FedEx came with the flyers today, lol. So I’ll be posting them soon, but probably not until I get power back and have my house in order. However, if you’d like to get a head start on that, I’ll drop some off to you wherever you are; just let me know!