Screening Clients : Use P411 (Preferred 411) to its Full Potential

Many providers in New Orleans use in their client screening process (if you haven’t joined P411 yet, here’s an explanation of how to do so.), but do you know what the numbers in the Client ID really mean? Or do you simply rely on the system of “Okays” a client has received from other escorts and/or FBSM providers?

Here’s a post from Preferred411 admin Gina regarding the recommended use of the P411 system. I’m posting it here for the benefit of those of you who may not be P411 members (and for members who may have missed it):

Checking Client Identification and P411

A P411 Client Id is made up of small bits of “real” info that can be verified, by looking at a couple of pieces of identification carried in the client’s wallet.

“John” is a name showing on his driver’s license.
“01” is the DAY of birth showing on his driver’s license.
“0000” are the last four digits on something he carries in his wallet (insurance card, library card, etc.)

I often recommend that gentlemen temporarily cover their other private information with tape or whiteout, leaving only the photo, matching name, and DAY of birth (on driver’s license) and last four digits (on something in wallet) for the provider to check. Of course, it’s up to the individual provider to decide whether she will accept the identification in this way, but please know that I recommend this to the clients concerned about their privacy.

If a client schedules an appointment via P411 and upon arrival refuses to show identification to confirm he is the true account holder, you may exercise your right to refuse to see him and report it to P411. Depending on the circumstances, P411 may suspend the account under which the appointment was made until the situation is resolved.

We have a terrible problem with people “sharing” client ids, sometimes to book appointments and sometimes to rip the provider off, or worse. These situations are becoming more common, and can be easily prevented if the provider takes a moment to confirm that the person before her has identification to match the client id.

I strongly encourage the ladies to check identification to make sure it matches the P411 client id, as well as making sure anyone who says he is a P411 member can sign in and send her a Request through the system.

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