Paid Study for Trans Folks in the Sex Trade ($50 phone interview)

Confidential paid study–Forwarded via the SWOP-USA national network:




WHO: Transgender, transsexual and gender non-conforming sex workers and those with experience in the sex trade


WHAT:  One-hour interview by phone or in person about your experiences with the health care system for a study about the healthcare needs of trans* sex workers, as well as a brief 15 minute survey regarding demographics, health status, and experiences in health settings to help guide the interview.




CONTACT: Ursa Oristaglio

(617) 851-7125



My name is Ursa, and I am a student at Hampshire College in Public Health. As a member of queer/trans and sex worker communities, I have seen many of my friends and loved ones experience difficulties accessing health care. These communities have experiences that are largely unheard in public health discourse and have incredible value in designing the public health systems that should care for our well being. I want to bring these voices to the forefront of discussion.


The purpose of this study is to garner a better understanding of the healthcare needs of trans-spectrum sex workers. As a participant, your identity will be kept confidential and you will be referred to by a pseudonym of your own choosing. You will be allowed to withdraw your consent at any point. The interviews would be recorded unless requested otherwise.


If you are a trans sex worker and are interested in sharing your thoughts and experiences, please contact me!

And while we’re on this subject…

Louisiana Trans Advocates has compiled a list of health resources and physicians that have been confirmed that they are comfortable working with transgender-­identified people.

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