Meetup on Monday November 5th, Update

Event: Meetup on Monday, November 5th, 7pm at Checkpoint Charlie’s

We’ll be meeting at 7pm at Checkpoint Charlie’s (which is apparently actually called “Igor’s Checkpoint Charlie’s.” I had no idea. Hm.) this coming Monday. Here’s the Event page, in case you want to comment or complain or suggest something or whatever. We’re also brainstorming names (NOLA Association of Alternative Professionals, etc.), so feel free to throw ideas out there.

It’s at 501 Esplanade Avenue New Orleans, LA 70116‎. It’s on the corner of Esplanade and Frenchmen (Frenchman is the street that Decatur becomes when you cross Esplanade…well, sort of). Click here for a map. It’s an easy place to find, the drinks are cheap, and there should be tons of free parking on Monday night. See you there!

Other News

The LGBT Community Center of New Orleans, which has done a ton of awesome stuff in the community over the years, is in danger of closing due to a rent increase, and has posted an Open Letter to the New Orleans LGBT Community. If you have a few extra bucks to send their way, please do.

Also, check out the Facebook group for the new The NOLA Queer-Feminist Collective. They’re interested in helping out with whatever we decide to do for The International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers on December 17th.

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