SWOP-NOLA Meeting Tomorrow (Thursday 10/24/13) at 6pm

We will be meeting at a new (private!) location tomorrow (Thursday, October 24th) at 6pm. If you did not receive the email with location info, contact us at swop.nola@gmail.com.

Here’s what we’ve been working on lately:

10/6/13 Meeting
9/19/13 Meeting

Some things on the agenda for tomorrow:

  • What do YOU need from SWOP? What is YOUR reason for participating in the group (however limited your participation may be–yes, simply reading emails counts)? Support from other local adult-industry workers? Camaraderie? Info exchange re: safety? Money making tips? Activism/the cause? If you’re a member of the “provider”/”adult entertainment” community, we’re here for you, so let us know what you want.

  • Finalizing our plans for December 17th (International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers) so that we can apply for funding from Slixa. Do we want a private social function, or a more visible awareness-and-education type thing? Should we do both, so that no one feels pressured to “out” themselves? I’d like to submit plans by tomorrow night to assure we have some $$, so please, come and tell us what you think!

  • Promo stuff – A bunch of SWOP-NOLA flyers have been ordered, but we need another set (something more…uh…discreet) for other purposes, and we need your input on that before the order is placed.

    And even better than flyers: free shit!! We recently received a donation of a TON of safe sex kits. We made a couple of additions to them to suit our purposes. Here’s a sample:

    SWOP-NOLA safe sex kits for promo

    SWOP-NOLA safe sex kits for promo: condom, glove, lube, how-to (as in, how to use the above correctly), flyer, cigarette for afterwards (just kidding).

    And yes, yes that is a bag of safe-sex supplies on top of a giant condom pie-chart. Thanks, Gambit!!

  • These things cost money. More money = bigger, more awesome events and bigger, more ambitious projects. Should we have a fundraiser? Should it be an event, or an internet-based Indiegogo-type thing?

  • Current projects – Summer’s over (thank god); it’s time to get moving on this stuff. We’d love your help if you’re interested.

See you tomorrow!