Meeting Notes 2/20/14

  1. Clinic List Stuff

  2. Budget Info

  3. International Sex Workers’ Rights Day Event

  4. Naughty New Orleans Network – Monthly Socials

  5. Media Interest

  6. Playwriting Workshop

  1. Clinic List Stuff

  2. A list of health care providers is available in the Google Group. Several of us will begin contacting them to gauge their positivity towards sex workers, but probably not until after Mardi Gras.

  3. Budget Info

  4. Budget information is also available in the Google Group, including information about requesting funds from SWOP National.

  5. International Sex Workers Rights Day Event

  6. For International Sex Workers Rights Day, we are hosting a movie night/crawfish boil/keg party at the Burgundy Picture House. Tentative date is Tuesday March 11th. All set-up will be provided. We have not yet selected films (although Tits & Sass has a good list, and there are short videos here). For those interested in planning the event, we’ll be having a planning session on Monday the 24th at 8pm in the “New Marigny” / St. Roch neighborhood. Contact us for the address. If you want to help plan, please research potential films, keg suppliers, crawfish prices and set-ups.

  7. Naughty New Orleans Network Monthly Socails

  8. If you would like to attend monthly social events for local adult entertainers, please check out Naughty New Orleans Network for details and contact info.

  9. Media Interest

  10. Several media people have contacted us wanting to interview sex workers. A freelance NYC journalist is seeking to write a positive article about NOLA sex workers. National Geographic also has a show about the drug trade that (for some reason) is seeking interviews with sex workers. Contact if you are interested in being interviewed. Also, a professor at LSU has assigned her students a project that involves research on sex workers’ rights organizations. If you’d like to volunteer to talk to any interested students via email, contact

  11. Playwriting Workshop

  12. A local theater artist who is making a feminist play about sexuality and gender relations in historic red-light district Storyville is hosting an all-female playwriting workshop, and has asked SWOP to partner with them and to put the word out for potential participants. Contact for more details.

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