Meeting 12/1/13 – What happened

  1. December 17th stuff

  2. Being more inclusive of other types of sex workers

  3. Clinic List

  4. What we need right now

  1. December 17th stuff

    • Exact times: Meet at 4 for second line, AllWays from 6-8
    • 6 red umbrellas in
    • Dec 17th materials have been made and sent off to Vistaprint
      • 100 promo flyers

      • Front:
        December 17th - International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers in New Orleans


        December 17th route

        December 17th route (back of flyer)

      • 500 mini-flyers (business-card size) to include in the stuff we’re handing out

      • SWOP-NOLA mini flyer

      • 100 Emergency Response Info cards (to have available for sexworkers during the event)

      • (I got the text from the SWOP-Chicago website originally (I think), and I crammed it into a postcard-size flyer)


        Emergency Response Info - Front of card

        Emergency Response Info – Front of card


        SWOP-NOLA Emergency Response Info - back

        Emergency Response Info – back of card

      They should be in sometime this week.

    • FB Event Page

    • Done. Invite everybody and your mother.

    • Food and beverages

    • We want to hire one of the bartenders at AllWays to work the 2 hour event for us. I was thinking $150-200 or so would be good for asking someone to come in for 2 hours, and we could leave a box out for any $$ donations people wanted to give us or whatever. But apparently I don’t know jack about bartending, and I’ve since been set straight. I understand now that $60 is good, and they’ll make a lot more in tips than they would have if we just gave them $150-200.

      I assumed we’d offer wine (complimentary–they do it at art openings and funerals, so I guess it just made sense in my head). But then it occurred to me that that would be cutting into the bar’s profits.

      As for food, we decided to just get food trays from Rouse’s or Winn Dixie, but someone came up with the idea to have a friend sorta-kinda cater it. I’m not clear on the price for that yet. I hear the snack/hors d’oeuvres trays at Rouse’s are crazy expensive.

    • What’s the $$ situation so far?
    • From a budget of $800 (thanks again,!)

      • 6 red umbrellas – $78.69
      • Flyers and materials – $84.86
      • Flyers and materials – $14.28
      • 24 red masks – $8.22

      remainder: $613.95

      If you’re buying stuff, let me know, and I’ll give you a link to the budget online so that you can record the cost. That way, we’ll all know how much money we have left, and I’ll know how much to reimburse you.

    • Publicity Stuff

    • I wrote up a quick and dirty press release the other night and sent it off to a few local publications, and added the event to a few websites. We should be getting a writeup in Gambit if everything goes right. Someone else might be able to do an interview on WTUL.

    • What do we need to do?
      1. Invite people via the Facebook Event Page
      2. Distribute flyers when they come in
      3. Put stuff in bags
      4. Do a reading, tell a story, play a song, say a thing
      5. Contact WWAV and BreakOUT! to see what they’re up to re: Dec 17th
      6. Help set up before the event and clean up after
      7. Come get these umbrellas so I don’t have to carry them all
      8. Buy Candles
      9. Tell me what else needs to be done because I’m blanking

    Other Stuff

  2. Being more inclusive of other types of sex workers

  3. We’ve been talking about this for a while. We kind of focus mostly on full service providers, and we’re leaving out a lot of people in NOLA that also work in the sex industry, especially dancers. And it’s not like nothing important is going on with them (Check it out: Bourbon St. Strip Club Sued by Dancers) or they aren’t victims of violence and stigma. Strength in numbers, y’all. Also, lots of people are interested in sharing info, warnings (re: bad clients, etc.) and tips one-on-one, or just getting together socially with others who won’t get all weird when we talk about our jobs. So we’ve been throwing ideas about an offshoot of SWOP that might serve that purpose.

    While perusing ebay for old NOLA-themed shit (as I am wont to do), I found this movie (that apparently sucked) on the internets, and I thought the art on the posters for it was cute (for flyers and stuff):

    Naughty New Orleans - SWOP-NOLA

    Naughty New Orleans - SWOP-NOLA

    Naughty New Orleans - SWOP-NOLA

    Those of us at the meeting thought that we might as well just take the name “Naughty New Orleans” because 1) it’s cute, 2) it’s one less thing to alter on the flyer. Also, it’s non-gendered, which I like.

  4. Clinic List

  5. The flyers are finally all corrected, addressed, stamped, and out.

    Soon we can send a link to the survey via email, and then, after we collect those responses (if any), we’ll need to start calling.

    If I owe you money for postage, let me know and I’ll bring it to you!

  6. What we need right now:

    • People who enjoy flyering (leaving stacks of SWOP-NOLA flyers in coffee shops, on bulletin boards, etc.)
    • Someone explain all the awesomeness of Google Voice to me
    • People who are good at explaining things and communicating via phone (to call offices on the list of healthcare providers)
    • Start thinking about whether you’d like to contribute anything to the project we’re doing with Women With A Vision. It can be as short as a sentence, or you can make a video (or plan to make one with the videographer they have). Basically, you’re answering the question, “Why did/do you choose to do sex work?” I think you can talk about why you originally chose to star, or why you choose to continue doing it now, or both.
    • Obviously, help with the December 17th event (see above).