Kourtney is our lovely intern. Here are some ideas for things she might want to do:

Ideas for Stuff Kourtney Might Do

Flyer at universities/colleges (we have flyers)
Social media stuff (Facebook and Twitter)
Promo of events and projects (writing group, March 3rd)
Find cost effective way to make DIY SWOP-NOLA t-shirts (blank shirts, screen printing supplies, etc.)
Look into stickers, etc.
Record pricing and draft a funding report https://swopchapters.wordpress.com/
Google Voice

Here are the things she has done or is currently doing for us. If she helps you with something, or if you get her to do something for you, please record it here (if you don’t have admin access to the website and you don’t feel like bothering with it, just post it in the comments) so that if she ever needs us to write something up for school, or if she needs a letter of recommendation, or if we need to justify why we had an intern, then it’s all right here for reference.

Stuff Kourtney is Doing or Has Done

  • Weekly: Researching current issues related to sex work, especially as it intersects with race and gender identity, and posting what she finds on the SWOP-NOLA social media accounts
  • Helped with International Sex Workers’ Rights Day 2014 (ISWRD Mar 7 event)
  • Flyering at Loyola
  • Getting in touch with faculty and students at Loyola who can help us create printed materials similar to SCOT-PEP’s “Know Your Rights for Indoor Sex Workers”

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