Help Find Jessica Pratt – Dancer in town for Mardi Gras

From the Missing Help Find Jessica Pratt Facebook Page:

She met a couple friends in New Orleans to vacation/work. The friends changed their flights to come home the 7th instead but Jess decided to stay till her original departure date (10th). Wednesday 2/6/13 the friends supposedly had an argument and when Jessica allegedly kicked them out of the room (late wed/early thurs)they went to the airport to wait for their flight. But she checked into the Le Petit Motel on Tulane Ave thurs/fri. The desk clerk remembers talking to her sat to confirm she was staying again. He says he also saw her walk across the street to the bar shortly after noon sat. Jessica never returned for her things. Her family here in Des Moines haven’t talked to her since Tuesday 2/5/13.