End-of-June Update

Quick update:

  • The NOLA Pride parade was this weekend, and we were there to represent. This is one of 4 events (International Sex Workers’ Rights Day in March, Transgender Day of Remembrance in November, and International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers in December are the others) we’re required to participate in each year in order to keep the chapter going.  This one was pretty easy and fun, other than the fact that some of us (ok fine, I’m referring to myself) drank like 20 cheap beers and paid for it dearly the next day.
  • Please help us add to our list of Sex Worker – Friendly Healthcare Providers & Counselors in New Orleans (and hell,if you wanna, you can include area, BR, Lafayette, Houma, and anywhere close-ish, since a lot of us live or work in those places as well).
  • One of these days we’ll have a list of Sex Worker – Friendly Legal Resources (lawyers, law clinics, legal-ish services like accountants/CPAs, etc.) but that day is obviously not today.  However, if you want this to happen soonish, you’re welcome to add contact info for sex worker-friendly resources in the comment section, or you can take over this project entirely.  Contact us for info.
  • We have a couple of new providers-only projects (alerts and info exchange-type-things) going right now.  If you are working in the biz right now and you’d like more info on this, contact us.
  • We received this email recently:

    My name is Katie Landry, I am the owner of a small historic walking tour company here in New Orleans, Ella Tours LLC. I am fully licensed and deeply passionate about the true stories of the men and women of New Orleans.
    My most popular tour is a Madam Tour! But it’s not just about Madam’s, brothels and sex work. We talk about economic issues, race issues, and equality issues. It is the walking tour where history and humanity collide! It is fantastic! 🙂  
    I would like to offer my walking tour as a event for your group, because I honestly would love your guys insight and feedback.
    No charge, just tip based. That way people could tip according to their own satisfaction with the tour, and I would get practice and exposure.
    I run the tour on Friday and Saturday nights at 7:30 pm. If this sounds like an event your group would enjoy, we could pick a date and reserve that night for just your group. Maximum number of people is 26.
    Here is my contact information:
    Cell – 504-606-6952
    Email – ellatoursnola@gmail.com

    I think it’s cool that she’s asking for feedback, and if this sounds like something you’re into, go for it.

Have a great week!

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