Clinics we’ve contacted

Below you will find an A-Z list.

I’ve set it up this way so that it can be roughly alphabetized while we’re working on it; that way, it will be easy-ish to find each one and know whether they’ve been flyered/contacted. Obviously, We don’t want several people to contact the same place repeatedly.

Please comment under the appropriate letter (hit the little “Reply” button under the letter) with:

  1. The name and contact info of each clinic
  2. The date you sent them the flyer (or dropped it off, whatever)
  3. Whether you were able to reach them and the date
  4. Their answers to the questions on the flyer
  5. Any other notes

26 thoughts on “Clinics we’ve contacted

    1. Anonymous

      City of NO Health Dept – Algiers/Fischer Dental
      1111 Newton Street Ste 207
      New Orleans, LA 70114-2570 11/07/2013

    1. Anonymous

      LB Landry Community Clinic
      1200 L B Landry Ave. 7
      New Orleans, LA 70114-2657

      LSU Healthcare Network Behavioral Science Center
      3450 Chestnut Street
      New Orleans, LA 70115-2443 11/07/2013

    1. Anonymous

      Metropolitan Human Services District
      1010 Common St.
      Ste. 600
      New Orleans, LA 70112-2489

      MCL Dental Clinic
      2021 Perdido Street
      New Orleans, LA 70112-1352

      Mercy Family Center – Algiers
      3221 Behrman Pl Suite 105
      New Orleans, LA 70114-8273 11/07/2013

    1. Anonymous

      NO/AIDS Task Force – Main Office
      2601 Tulane Ave. Suite 500
      New Orleans, LA 70119-7400 11/07/2013

      NOAH Community Services Midtown Clinic
      3801 Canal St Ste 201
      New Orleans, LA 70119-6044 11/07/2013

    1. Anonymous

      St. Charles Community Health Center
      Suites 305
      200 W Esplanade Ave
      Kenner, LA 70065-2489 11/07/2013

      St. Thomas Community Health Center
      1020 Saint Andrew St
      New Orleans, LA 70130-5022 11/07/2013


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