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Health Resources (clinics, doctors, and other medical professionals) relevant to Sex Workers (Escorts, Call Girls, Rent Boys, Sensual Massage Providers, Exotic Dancers, etc.) in the New Orleans area.

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners at University Hospital – If You Are a Victim of Sexual Assault or Rape

If you are a victim of sexual assault, you should be aware of the SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) program (Tulane’s website explains it well) at University Hospital (also called MCLNO or LSU Interim Hospital). Go to the emergency room at 2020 Gravier St.
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New Orleans Community Resource Guides via Common Ground Health Clinic

via the Common Ground Health Clinic website. Visit the their site for more community health (and other) resources.

Greater New Orleans Resource Guide

Table of Contents

  • Basic Needs Assistance – Page 4
  • Primary Health Care Clinics – Page 13
  • Mental Health – Page 21
  • Dental and Eye Care – Page 27
  • HIV / AIDS and STIs – Page 29
  • Reproductive Health – Page 32
  • Hospitals – Page 36
  • Prescription Assistance – Page 39
  • Addiction Services – Page 41
  • Anti-Violence Resources (Domestic abuse, sexual assault, etc.) – Page 45
  • Shelters and Housing – Page 47
  • Special Needs – Page 52
  • Employment – Page 56
  • Community Support & Education – Page 57
  • Formerly Incarcerated – Page 68
  • Justice & Legal Aid – Page 69
  • Recovery & Rebuilding – Page 73
  • Index – Page 75

Guia de Recursos Comunitarios de New Orleans (Actualizado: Julio de 2009)

Other resource guides available (via the ReachNOLA website):

West Bank Resource Guide (last updated January 2010)

Treme / 7th Ward Resource Guide (last updated January 2011)

Women’s Health Resource Guide (last updated February 2009)

Central City Resource Guide (last updated July 2010)

Transgender-friendly Health Resources in Louisiana

From Louisiana Trans Advocates

List of health resources and professionals that have confirmed that they are comfortable working with transgender individuals. Louisiana Transgender Advocates welcomes feedback on this list, and urges you to suggest transgender-friendly health resources and health professionals not included on their list, or to report negative experiences with anyone included on this list. Click the link to go to their site.

Health Care Resources List

List in .pdf (printer-friendly) format

STD Testing in New Orleans

There are many options for low-cost (or free!) STD testing in New Orleans. If you know of one that isn’t on the list, please let us know!

  • Delgado STD Clinic — FREE STD testing

  • Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, Office of Public Health
    517 N Rampart St
    New Orleans, Louisiana 70112
    Conventional Blood HIV-Antibody Testing, Rapid Blood HIV-Antibody Testing, STD Testing, Free HIV Testing Services
    Languages: English, Spanish
    Hours: Mon.-Fri., 8am-4pm (You can walk in between 7:30 and 3)
    Map of Delgado STD Clinic at 517 Rampart

  • Orleans Women’s Health Clinic

  • 504-561-1183
    2111 Banks St
    New Orleans, Louisiana 70112
    Conventional Blood HIV-Antibody Testing, STD Testing
    Services available to women only. Sliding scale pricing.
    Hours: Tues.-Fri., 9am-1pm
    Traductor disponible.

  • Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, Office for Addictive Disorders, Metropolitan Human Services

  • 504-568-2692
    2025 Canal St Ste 300
    New Orleans, Louisiana 70112
    Conventional Blood HIV-Antibody Testing, Conventional Oral HIV-Antibody Testing, STD Testing
    Languages: English, Spanish
    Must be Orleans Parish resident.
    Hours: Mon.-Fri., 8am-4:30pm. Clinic: Mon.-Thurs., 8am-7:30pm; Fri., 8am-4:30pm

  • Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, Office of Public Health, AIDS Drug Reimbursement Program

  • 504-568-7474
    234 Loyola Ave 5th Fl
    New Orleans, Louisiana 70112
    Public Health Department/Social Services Department
    Conventional Blood HIV-Antibody Testing, STD Testing
    Must meet income eligibility requirements. Additional email:
    Hours: Mon.-Fri., 8am-4:30pm

  • Metropolitan Treatment Center

  • 504-486-6277
    3604 Tulane Ave
    New Orleans, Louisiana 70119
    Conventional Oral HIV-Antibody Testing, STD Testing
    Hours: Mon.-Fri., 6am-2pm; Sat., 8am-12noon

  • Lower Ninth Ward Health Clinic

  • 504-309-0918
    5228 St Claude Ave
    New Orleans, Louisiana 70117
    Conventional Blood HIV-Antibody Testing, STD Testing
    Services not denied because of inability to pay.
    Hours: Mon., Wed., Thurs., Fri., 8am-4:30pm; Tues., 10am-6pm

  • Planned Parenthood New Orleans

  • 4018 Magazine Street
    New Orleans, LA 70115
    p: 504.897.9200 | f: 504.897.9234 Toll Free Phone #:800-230-7526

    Languages: English, Russian, Spanish

    STD Testing, Treatment & Vaccines. STD testing, diagnosis and treatment, including:
    bacterial vaginosis (BV)
    genital warts
    HIV (testing and diagnosis only)
    trichomoniasis (trich)
    Other STD testing, diagnosis and treatment services are also available. Please ask our staff for more information
    Hours: Mon., 11am-6:30pm; Tues.-Fri., 9am-4:30pm; Sat., 9am-1:30pm

  • Midtown Medical Women’s Clinic

  • 3500 St. Charles Ave
    New Orleans LA 70115
    (504) 895-0990
    Mon – Thu: 9:00 am – 5:00 am
    Fri – Sat: 9:00 am – 2:00 am
    Walk-in or appointment. Initial visit $125.
    Se habla español.

  • Memorial Medical Center, Baptist Campus

  • 504-899-9311
    2700 Napoleon Ave
    New Orleans, Louisiana 70115
    Conventional Blood HIV-Antibody Testing, STD Testing
    Hours: 24 hrs.

  • US Department of Veterans Affairs, Veterans Health Administration, Veterans Integrated Service Network

  • 504-412-3700 Toll Free Phone #:800-935-8387
    1601 Perdido St
    New Orleans, Louisiana 70146
    Conventional Blood HIV-Antibody Testing, STD Testing
    Services available to eligible veterans only.
    Hours: Mon.-Fri., 7:30am-4pm

  • Ochsner Clinic Foundation, Ochsner Clinic New Orleans

  • 1514 Jefferson Hwy
    New Orleans, Louisiana 70121
    504-842-3000 Toll Free Phone #:800-835-3989
    Conventional Blood HIV-Antibody Testing, STD Testing
    Languages: English, Spanish
    Hours: Mon.-Fri., 8am-5pm

Sexwork Harm Reduction Tips (adapted from “Tricks of the Trade” by L. Synn Stern-Leslie Peterson)

Adapted from “Tricks of the Trade” by L. Synn Stern-
Leslie Peterson, PBDL 12/07

from Sex Worker Outreach Coalition (SWOC) Portland, Oregon


• Tell someone where you are going and how long you will be gone.
• Try to work in pairs if possible… not side by side, but in sight of one another. Never let the client know you are alone. Let them think you have a friend that knows where you are.
• Try and carry a phone if possible. You can get a 9-1-1 cell phone from some DV/SA agencies.
• Carry a small bag with the essentials: condoms, lube, hand wipes and extra change of clothes for emergencies.
• Shoes should come off easily or be appropriate for running in
• Never carry a lot of money, or else hide money in a place other than a handbag—your shoe, your stocking, inside pocket, your sleeve…
• Walk against traffic, not with it
• The further from the stroll you get with a customer, the harder it becomes to turn him down. If he gives you a bad feeling on the stroll (your territory) It will get worse once you’re in the car (his territory).
• Stand where you can be seen and where you have good, glare-free vision of the stroll and approaching cars.
• Stash keys and other important personal items where they will be accessible and safe –keeping them in your pockets or purse makes them available to customers who want to rob you.
• If dancing in a club, always have a bouncer walk you to your car.
• If accepting drinks from clients, always make sure you watch it being made and do not let it out of your sight.
• Never accept food or drink from a client, unless you have seen him indulge in it first.
• “Act as if.” Always pretend to have security, wealth, health and calm.

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