Meeting notes 11/21/13

We talked about:

  1. Plans for December 17th – International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers (2013)

  2. Clinic list

  3. Project with WWAV

  4. New Flyers in!

  5. More inclusive image of SWOP-NOLA

  6. New Meeting Space?

  7. Next Meeting is Sunday, December 1st (First Sunday) at 5pm!!

  1. Plans for December 17th – International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers (2013)

  2. Good News: $800 of December 17th Funding from gave us $800 for the Dec 17th – International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers event.

    We have a venue–The second part of the event will be held at The AllWays Lounge from 6-8

    Other things we need to figure out:

    • Exact times (start of 2nd line, what time to tell people to arrive at AllWays)
    • Buy supplies, refreshments
    • Make event flyers to post
    • Post event flyers
    • Make facebook event, post everywhere
    • Make dec 17th info flyers (what is dec 17th, why is it important?)
    • Who wants to help me stuff things into bags?

  3. Clinic list:

    • So, unfortunately, the wrong email address was printed on the flyers. I have no idea how that happened (just kidding–I did it). Anyway, I have to go back and change all of that on the ones that (thank God) haven’t been sent out yet.
    • I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, but here’s another way for clinics/healthcare resources to respond to the survey:

    • If I owe you $$ for postage, please either come to the next meeting, or contact me and let’s set up a time for me to bring it by.

  4. Project with WWAV

  5. Women With A vision is working on print materials to introduce a different image of sex work in the community. The goal is to educate the public re

    • Trafficking vs. Sex Work (i.e., they are not one in the same)
    • The harmfulness of the stigma surrounding sex work and those who participate in it
    • the reasons why women (all sex workers, but as their name suggests, WWAV focuses on female-identified people) choose to do sex work.

    They want a variety of sex workers represented in this project, so they have requested help from us. What they need is brief explanations/quotes from us about why we chose to go into sex work.

    Send whatever quotes/stories/explanations/contributions to the project you have to, and they’ll be passed along to the Director of WWAV.

    We also briefly discussed doing something similar (explaining why you got into sex work), but in video format. There are lots of ways to maintain anonymity while making a video. We could get creative. If you’re interested in this, either contact us, or go ahead and make a video on your phone and send it in to us!

  6. New Flyers in!

  7. We have new flyers. 1000 of them. If you want to spread them around town, feel free to volunteer!

  8. More inclusive image of SWOP-NOLA

  9. So, we still need to come up with a more inclusive image for SWOP-NOLA, including a kind of sub-group that’s more focused on social stuff and support and camaraderie. We don’t want to give the impression that we’re limited to full-service providers, because we’re not (obviously). Anyone working in the local adult entertainment industry is welcome.

    I know some of the members who are dancers said they wanted to work on this. Ideas?

    I haven’t thought of much. I did do some googling for legendary NOLA adult-entertainment workers to inspire me, and found images of:

    Evangeline the Oyster Girl:

    Evangeline the Oyster Girl, also known as Kitty West, was a burlesque dancer and stripper at the Casino Royale Club on Bourbon st. in the 1940s.

    Blaze Starr:

    Blaze Starr, a stripper who worked at Sho-Bar on Bourbon, is perhaps best known for her affair with the then-Louisiana Governor, Earl K. Long. OK, I’m sorry, I can’t concentrate on writing this any longer because look at this freaking picture, y’all. And this one.

    Jean Idelle:

    She’s not from New Orleans, but I like Jean Idelle nonetheless, especially since she’s still around, occasionally doing her thing.

    Bustout Burlesque has a cool page of Burlesque History in New Orleans

    I like this Naughty New Orleans poster a lot.

    Oh hey, there are more!

  10. New Meeting Space?

  11. Suggestions:

    Propeller – Incubator: This seems like a pretty awesome deal. $10 a day, free coffee/tea, and access to the conference rooms? Nice. They’re located at 4035 Washington Ave.

    Then I have the New Orleans Community Printshop and NOLA-DIY written down at the bottom of my notes, but I don’t remember why.

  12. Next Meeting is Sunday, December 1st (First Sunday) at 5pm!!

Next Meeting is Sunday, December 1st (First Sunday) at 5pm!!