8/22/13 Meeting: What happened

Meeting 6pm August 22nd 2013

Stuff we discussed:

  • Logos and slogans
  • Progress on the clinic list/guide
  • Flyers and materials: Sex Worker Myth vs Fact, Decriminalization vs. Legalization, What is a Sex Worker?
  • Other stuff

Logos and Slogans

Progress: Laurie brainstormed quite a few. Among them:

  • “The pleasure is all yours; the payment is all mine.”
  • “Pay for play; it’s the American way”
  • “If both consent, why the dissent?”
  • “It’s only civilized when it’s decriminalized”
  • “Free Enterprise for Negotiable Affections”
  • various logo ideas that she thought up and explained to us, but now I don’t really remember well enough to explain them. I’ll let her do that.

If you want to give feedback, or if you have some slogan and/or logo ideas of your own, please share!

Clinic list/guide

Some of the places we’ve contacted have been a bit wary of us because they don’t quite understand what we’re doing. So, we’re going with a new approach: we’re going to write up a basic info sheet on who we are, what we’re doing, what “sex work” is, etc. and the questions we want answers to. We’ll send it out to clinics (or bring it to them, whatever) prior to contacting them.

Tabling materials

Here are the materials we have (and don’t have yet) for tabling at events. Obviously, some of these would also be useful for other purposes (info for clinics, etc.):

Other stuff we covered

  • Only one person contacted me with interest in a skillshare so far, but now she’s got a better grasp of things. So that might be postponed for now.
  • We have a couple of new contacts in the healthcare field. The one that attended today’s meeting is an RN in the process of becoming a sexual assault patient advocate.

Next meeting: 5pm on the first Sunday of September, which is September 1st! See you then.